How to Make a Rope Bracer


Introduction: How to Make a Rope Bracer

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Hi, I am Anti-pervert and I am here to spread the wonders and joy of creating homemade sex things :P

This little gem is on how to create a arm bracer/leg bracer. This one is especially fun because if you only need to be stimulated by the feeling of rope you don't need to be in full bondage for it! It also looks kinda cool and makes great restraints for tying someone to something, like a bed frame.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is:

Bondage Rope- This is very simple but some people get confused. When choosing rope, do not choose a rope that you would use on a boat or to actually tie something up with. DO NOT.  "Industrial rope" is horrible for bondage and can really hurt, especially woven nylon. If you want some rope I recommended going to a sex shop or ordering some online, there are many different types of rope but I think the best is Solid braid rope, if you are going to use a nylon rope don't melt the edges, I will have a later Instructable on how to tie ends prettily and effectively. 

Arm/Leg- I did not have the luxury of having bondage rope so I decided to use a pen and some twine, but the same rules apply. I wouldn't tie this any tighter than a wrist watch and if you are using this method to tie your partner to something, NEVER EVER do a a single knot or even a double knot, you will know what I mean in the next couple steps. If you only do one or two knots you risk your partner having blood circulation cut off or a vein popping, both of which are not fun.

Step 2: Start

Then way to start this bracer is by making a wrapping knot, I don't really know the name for it but I am sure one of you guys can tell me in the comments. You fold your rope in half and loop it around and make a knot. The picture definately help more than my description.

Step 3: Rinse, Repeat

You continue by taking what you know have and folding AWAY from where your first knot what made. You then take the string and thread it through the new loop.

Step 4: Do the Opposite

Now just take what you did and turn it upside down. So instead of crossing up you need to cross down. and just thread it through and you are back to where you started! Now you just reapeat this for however long you want the bracer to be.

Step 5: Now Tie It Off

To tie off the bracer you will need to have a bit of rope/twine left, and make a complete loop with it. Then take only ONE of the string/rope end and thread it through one of the loops. This part was a bit tricky for me to learn but once you figure it out you will commit it to memory.

Now all you have to do is tie a reef knot/ square knot to complete the bracer!

Step 6: Done!

Now you have a lovely little bondage arm or leg and not have to worry about people thinking you are weird. If you do it on your arm and your a guy, just say it's a ninja bracer or something like that.

If you have any constructive critique, questions, or comments feel free to ask. I do not judge so ask me anything you want, I'm kind of an open book.

Have fun, be safe, and don't be a pervert!



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      I know one day I´ll use it, thanks, I like it.

      Last time I did bracers for a girl, I used a crochet stitch, like joining a piece to a rod.

      1 reply

      Oh cool. This is the only one I know so I don't really know any more, but if you know a place on how to do that I'll make an instructable.