Step 7: The Tail

Picture of The Tail
Rosary 029.jpg
Rosary 038.jpg
Rosary 010.jpg
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Rosary 021.jpg
The tail consists of an Our Father, three Hail Mary's, another Our Father and a Crucifix/Cross.  Since you have two tails and would like only one you will have to remove the short one.  The cleanest way to do this is to hide the end in the next Our Father knot.  Set both tails on your finger like you did for the joiner knot but this time wrap the long tail around your finger five times.  Send the long tail through the loops and position the knot against the joiner for proper spacing, then tighten just a little bit but not all the way.  Cut the short tail and singe the end just short of the end of the knot.  When you tighten the knot the rest of the way the tail will disappear into the center of the knot.  You can now tie the last three Hail Mary knots.  The next step will depend on whether you have a crucifix or are making a cross from paracord.