Introduction: How to Make a Rubberband Pencil Grip With No Loom..(New Style)

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Hey guys! today in this tutorial I am going to show how to make a pencil grip,well basically schools are started so I want soemthing to make which is related to have been seen in youtube or across the Internet, and you find only the grips of it which are of different types,but in this one I am showing some of editing I did and made it a bit unique and change from other tutorials,which has a chain with a charm,you can whether make it yourself or buy one,so lets get started!!

Step 1: Step1.Materials

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for making you will need:
1.Pen or pencil
2.rubberband , of 2 colors (about 14 each color)
3.rubberband of 2 colors (4 of bi2th colors) you will need this for the chain.
4.Maker stick or toothpick
5.Your three fingers!
Shall we begin?

Step 2: Starting

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1.Start off with taking your first color.The finger youll need are your thumb,first finger and middle finger.first take your 1st rubberband color and place it on your thumb,twisting it once and bringing it to the finger beside it,then twisting it once again and bringing it to the middle finger, see the pictures for help
2.Then take another band and stretch it throw the three finger,on top of the finyer you have added the last band but this ti e no twisting!

Step 3: Adding the Band and Pen

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1.then as you do in other rubberband bracelets, same as that grab the last band on your thumb and place it inside,then with same of the next two fingers.
2.Take your pen and put it in a hole which is going to be made between your bands as in the picture.

Step 4: Repeat

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repeat it but make sure you are placing the band where the pen is still in the center,means that when you add the band dont put the pen on side and then stretch it,you have to take the band on top of the pen
make it until it reaches the top

Step 5: Finishing for the Grip

Picture of Finishing for the Grip you reach the end pull your first band which is on your thumb in the pen,then second and third in this was your grip will be ready,But wait! you didnt make the chain and charm? so lets do it
P.S if you want you cant twist it to make a beautiful a bit or you could leave it simple as you want

Step 6: Making the Chain and Attaching the Charm

Picture of Making the Chain and Attaching the Charm

1.Take 4 orange and 4 red,well any color if you want!
2.make a basic chain bracelet and when you reach the end,attach the charm or whatever you made or want

Step 7: Finished!

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Youre ready,write with yoru beautiful new pen!

Thanks for watching!


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