Picture of How to make a Rubberband shotgun (18 shots)
So you are pinned down by family members / friends shooting at you with the ping pong ball guns and luger rubberband guns  you made for them? (ungrateful people)

And you need something that can shoot a lot of rubberbands in a small time period?

Well your family / friends are going to learn that in war technological advantage quickly can change the tide of war because today you will learn how to make a shotgun that fires 18 rubberbands at once or separatly!

Like I said, today you are going to learn how to make a shotgun that fires 18 rubberbands at once, seperatly or in small bursts. How fast and how many you shoot all depends on how quickly you can pull the fore-end backwards.

Lately I'm really getting into rubberband guns but I refuse to buy those small plastic trigger thingies! I believe there are other ways to make fun rubberband guns without the need to buy the most important parts from companies. And with this ible I think I have proven that. I started out building the luger clothespin rubberband gun. And although it's a very cool gun, the reload time is just to long and the amount of rubberbands shot just to few to have some serious fun with those guns alone. Should you stop making them now? No ofcourse not, I still use them as a side-arm and they really come in handy in certain situations where you can't reload. They are only not so handy as a main weapon.

That's why I needed to come up with something that could fire multiple rubberbands and would be easy to reload. Then one time while playing with some rubberbands I saw that one would climb up (and then fly off) on a hillshaped piece of wood without me having to do anything. I then knew that this was the way to fire multiple rubberbands. I then needed to find a gun that has a piece that could be pulled back (where I could place my hillshaped pieces on to which I'll be referring as "flippers" during this ible) and still look realistic. I didn't need to search for long before I found the pump action shotgun. It's big, it's cool and looks completely realistic while firing the rubberbands (I know pulling back the front-end is realisticly for reloading but who cares?)

Me, my family and friends already have had al ot of fun with this gun and that's why I decided to share this with you guys so we can all have some fun with our family / friends / colleagues in the backyard / classroom or office!

Here's a little video, showing the gun firing in different modes and how to reload the gun. The written explanation can be found in step 10. This is the first video I ever made so I hope it's good :)

In my believe this is the perfect gun for any child, teenager or adult who wants to have some harmless fun in the classroom, office or backyard.

This is an entry for the "DadCanDo Family Fun"contest so if you think this ible is a winner please rate and vote for me :)

Disclaimer: A rubberband has not hurt anyone to my knowledge except perhaps a sting that lasted 5 minutes, so as far as parts of the body that get shot goes, there shouldn't be any danger. However if the rubberband should shoot in somebody's eye, they could really get hurt. It's therefore my advice that the people who play this game use goggles or glasses during play so they won't accidently put someone's eye out. I advice sunglasses, it makes you seem a lot cooler and that's always a plus ;)
The only thing that could make something this awesome even better would be a leather shoulder strap so the rifle would be attached to your back
coolst thing I,v made yet
Totti114 years ago
best gun ive seen did you make it up
MichelMoermans (author)  Totti114 years ago
Yep :) I always make my rubberband guns to resemble actual real life guns, in size and length as well as design. Currently working on an improved version of this and it will resemble an M4. So subscribe if you want to get notified when it get's out :) Thanks for viewing my ible.
i seriously think you took some of the design from oggcraft.
Ngendrer3 years ago
Instead of using slightly flexible pastic, could you get 3mm acrylic and file down the edge that releases the RBs?
This is AWESOME!!!
I built one, it was the best spent 3 hours of my life.
Really cool idea! Your firing system is very origanal to me. Only one thing I thought of, the power of each shot depends on how far back the rudder band was placed, so your first shots will be weaker while your last shots will be stronger! Anyways NICE!
deqwer4 years ago
i made one by using cardboard, tape and glue.
it is cool
I Dont know why nobody has commented on this yet?!?!?! it is sooo cool and very clever! GREAT JOB! And Way to earn your Stripes. lol : )
whoops sorry it seems like somebody must have provided the site already.... :P
Hey Great Job dude!! I found some site that hopefully might help with you new ideas........well here it is...http://win.xrea.jp/eng/eng_gun.html

hope that helped!!!
paldepind5 years ago
Hi! I'm about to make this awesome gun myself, but the fact that you have uploaded the template in docx sadly makes it impossible. Please upload it in a format that everyone can easily use. Pdf for instance would be perfect!
u have to be pro member 2 view PDF
MichelMoermans (author)  paldepind5 years ago
I'll certainly change that. I'm a little busy right now but check in again some time tomorrow and it'll be changed :)
BraisedDuck5 years ago
I made my version. video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5s92T4hGYc See what you think, it fires 12 rounds. :)
MichelMoermans (author)  BraisedDuck5 years ago
Very nice :D I just recently discoverd OGG crafts through a comment placed on this ible and I must say they have some cool stuff.

Your gun looks good, but one thing I think would be better is if you let the middle thing out between the flippers. There is no need for it and I tried it in my ible to but it just messed up the gun. But if you don't have that problem don't remove it ofcourse :)
MichelMoermans (author)  BraisedDuck5 years ago
I just saw it was you who pointed me out to OGG :p Sorry :p
Maxaxle5 years ago
Thanks a lot. Now I need to go make one.
MichelMoermans (author)  Maxaxle5 years ago
Yes, Yes you need to do that now :D

If you finished it, please post a picture I would love to see it :) Oh and could you vote for me in the contest if you liked this ible? It means alot to me and only requires one click in the right corner above where it says "vote" :)
what size rubber bands does this gun use?
MichelMoermans (author)  moo of the cow5 years ago
A mix of all. Larg rubberbands for the back of the gun, short ones for the front and everything in between for the middle. You can use the same size rubberbands for all but it'll make some rubberbands shoot further then others. I never really check on rubberband size though. I just put them on and fire, it works like a charm that way :)
BraisedDuck5 years ago
i bet u got the idea from OGG crafts gun locker rite?
MichelMoermans (author)  BraisedDuck5 years ago
No not really. This is my own design. But if the mechanism is similar I would like to see it. Perhaps you can link me to it?
pantalone5 years ago
Very clever design! I like it.
skimmo5 years ago
very well made
Brilliant. Somebody needs to make this with k'nex... If I had the materials, I would totally build one (the wood one) now!
Kiteman5 years ago
Gosh. Deadly, and each shot will hurt slightly more than the one before!
MichelMoermans (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Indeed so you can better just stop running and get shot with the first rubberband ;)

Although if you use short rubberbands in the front grooves and slightly longer ones on the back grooves they will all fly about the same distance and hurt the same :D





i envy your selection of power tools
That's rather brilliant. I...I need to make one now.
MichelMoermans (author)  valhallas_end5 years ago
Thank you ^^

And yes... yes you need to make one now :D