Step 10: Creative Possibilities and Afterthoughts

Creative possibilities

You have a lot of creative possibilities with this gun. Here are some I came up with:
  • Paint it: You can paint it if you want (I didn't however, I like my gun the way it is)
  • Shorten / lengthen the barrel (if you want less / more rubberbands to be fired)
  • Shorten the gun part (if you want a compacter gun without giving up on ammo capacity)
  • Add an ejection port (this will make the gun look more realistic, you can carve it in)
  • Add a sling and attatch a rubberband reserve on it (will make carrying the gun around a lot easier plus the ammo is easier to take then if you should hold it in your pants). (I'm planning on making one of these, it'll probably be an extra step in this ible in the future)
  • For more possibilties look at the pictures I have attatched.

Well this was one of the coolest guns I have made to date. It's big, it holds a lot of rubberbands, it's semi automatic, fully automatic or single shot by just adjusting the speed you pull back. It's easy to reload and shoots really far. This is nearing my view of a perfect rubberband gun. I can always make more improvements ofcourse and this is probably not the last rubberband gun you have seen of me.

The total cost of this gun is exactly zero dollars for me as everything that was used in this 'ible  was laying around my house. I think this will be the same for many people but if you should buy everything new, including quality wood (unlike my pallet wood) I guess you would be around 15-20 dollars or so. Note however that you can get the price down to 10 dollars if you use some cheap wood like I did. I recommend pallet wood because it is usually made out of strong wood as it has to carry a lot of weight.

I'll definitly make some more of these guns (my sisters boyfriend is crazy over them) and I have some ideas to decrease the reload time so click the "subscribe" button to get notification of my new ibles :)

If you should have a question, comment, remark anything at all... Please leave a reply. I'm partly fuelled to make new great ibles by the response and views I get on already published ibles :)

Also note that English is not my first language, it's my fourth... So if you should come across any spellingmistakes or weird sentences leave a reply and I will correct it as soon as possible.

This is an entry for the "DadCanDo Family Fun"contest so if you think this ible is a winner please rate and vote for me :)

Special thanks to Lithium Rain for checking my instructable for spelling errors :)
The only thing that could make something this awesome even better would be a leather shoulder strap so the rifle would be attached to your back
coolst thing I,v made yet <br>
best gun ive seen did you make it up<br>
Yep :) I always make my rubberband guns to resemble actual real life guns, in size and length as well as design. Currently working on an improved version of this and it will resemble an M4. So subscribe if you want to get notified when it get's out :) Thanks for viewing my ible.
i seriously think you took some of the design from oggcraft.
Idea*<br>Instead of using slightly flexible pastic, could you get 3mm acrylic and file down the edge that releases the RBs?<br>
This is AWESOME!!!
I built one, it was the best spent 3 hours of my life.
Really cool idea! Your firing system is very origanal to me. Only one thing I thought of, the power of each shot depends on how far back the rudder band was placed, so your first shots will be weaker while your last shots will be stronger! Anyways NICE!
i made one by using cardboard, tape and glue.<br>it is cool
I Dont know why nobody has commented on this yet?!?!?! it is sooo cool and very clever! GREAT JOB! And Way to earn your Stripes. lol : )
whoops sorry it seems like somebody must have provided the site already.... :P
Hey Great Job dude!! I found some site that hopefully might help with you new ideas........well here it is...http://win.xrea.jp/eng/eng_gun.html <br><br>hope that helped!!!
Hi! I'm about to make this awesome gun myself, but the fact that you have uploaded the template in docx sadly makes it impossible. Please upload it in a format that everyone can easily use. Pdf for instance would be perfect!
u have to be pro member 2 view PDF
I'll certainly change that. I'm a little busy right now but check in again some time tomorrow and it'll be changed :)
I made my version. video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5s92T4hGYc See what you think, it fires 12 rounds. :)
Very nice :D I just recently discoverd OGG crafts through a comment placed on this ible and I must say they have some cool stuff.<br> <br> Your gun looks good, but one thing I think would be better is if you let the middle thing out between the flippers. There is no need for it and I tried it in my ible to but it just messed up the gun. But if you don't have that problem don't remove it ofcourse :)<br>
I just saw it was you who pointed me out to OGG :p Sorry :p
Thanks a lot. Now I need to go make one.
Yes, Yes you need to do that now :D<br> <br> If you finished it, please post a picture I would love to see it :) Oh and could you vote for me in the contest if you liked this ible? It means alot to me and only requires one click in the right corner above where it says &quot;vote&quot; :)<br>
what size rubber bands does this gun use?
A mix of all. Larg rubberbands for the back of the gun, short ones for the front and everything in between for the middle. You can use the same size rubberbands for all but it'll make some rubberbands shoot further then others. I never really check on rubberband size though. I just put them on and fire, it works like a charm that way :)
i bet u got the idea from OGG crafts gun locker rite?
No not really. This is my own design. But if the mechanism is similar I would like to see it. Perhaps you can link me to it?
Very clever design! I like it.
very well made
Brilliant. Somebody needs to make this with k'nex... If I had the materials, I would totally build one (the wood one) now!
Gosh. Deadly, and <em>each shot will hurt slightly more than the one before!</em>
Indeed so you can better just stop running and get shot with the first rubberband ;)<br> <br> Although if you use short rubberbands in the front grooves and slightly longer ones on the back grooves they will all fly about the same distance and hurt the same :D<br>
<sub>Ow.</sub><br> <br> Ow.&nbsp;<br> <br> <u>Ow.</u><br> <br> <em>Ow.</em><br> <br> <strong>Ow.</strong><br> <br> &lt;h3&gt;<br> Ow.<br> &lt;/h3&gt;
i envy your selection of power tools
That's rather brilliant. I...I need to make one now.
Thank you ^^<br> <br> And yes... yes you need to make one now :D<br>

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