Step 10: Creative possibilities and afterthoughts

Picture of Creative possibilities and afterthoughts
Creative possibilities

You have a lot of creative possibilities with this gun. Here are some I came up with:
  • Paint it: You can paint it if you want (I didn't however, I like my gun the way it is)
  • Shorten / lengthen the barrel (if you want less / more rubberbands to be fired)
  • Shorten the gun part (if you want a compacter gun without giving up on ammo capacity)
  • Add an ejection port (this will make the gun look more realistic, you can carve it in)
  • Add a sling and attatch a rubberband reserve on it (will make carrying the gun around a lot easier plus the ammo is easier to take then if you should hold it in your pants). (I'm planning on making one of these, it'll probably be an extra step in this ible in the future)
  • For more possibilties look at the pictures I have attatched.

Well this was one of the coolest guns I have made to date. It's big, it holds a lot of rubberbands, it's semi automatic, fully automatic or single shot by just adjusting the speed you pull back. It's easy to reload and shoots really far. This is nearing my view of a perfect rubberband gun. I can always make more improvements ofcourse and this is probably not the last rubberband gun you have seen of me.

The total cost of this gun is exactly zero dollars for me as everything that was used in this 'ible  was laying around my house. I think this will be the same for many people but if you should buy everything new, including quality wood (unlike my pallet wood) I guess you would be around 15-20 dollars or so. Note however that you can get the price down to 10 dollars if you use some cheap wood like I did. I recommend pallet wood because it is usually made out of strong wood as it has to carry a lot of weight.

I'll definitly make some more of these guns (my sisters boyfriend is crazy over them) and I have some ideas to decrease the reload time so click the "subscribe" button to get notification of my new ibles :)

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