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This is how to make a RuneScape account. This is my first instructable so pls, be prepared if its lame beyond lame... Just help me out here please people.

EDIT: I made this Instructable when I was eleven, most likely for the sake of making an Instructable rather than actually imparting any useful information whatsoever. So, if you have stumbled upon this for goodness knows what reason, just enjoy what the internet was like seven years ago.

Step 1: Main page

Picture of Main page
Go to www.runescape.com .
Next, click on the CREATE A FREE USERbutton.
Select your age and country. (remember, you must select the age 13 or above to play. Or just fake it.)

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patbking1 year ago
So what username would you suggest
Allonsy (author)  patbking1 year ago

patbking perhaps?

runescape is really self explanatory  so you don't need this really .
Allonsy (author)  Mr.Electricman5 years ago
yeah...i realized that a little while after posting this...i suppose the screenshots that i took and the fact that this was the first runescape-related i'ble could serve a...nostalgic purpose...i guess. i'll just leave it here, see how many views i can rack up :)
A good name7 years ago
By the way, you aren't allowed to post that image you have on the intro, it's copyrighted, it doesn't matter if it's for "Educational" purposes, it's illegal, and infringes rights. By the way: the spelling is "people"
Allonsy (author)  A good name6 years ago
oh. lol. i didnt know that. AND I DID NOT GET BURNED! hey just go easy on me im still young...T_T...in eighth grade so just pls lay off.
I'm in the eighth grade as well. If you want to be taken seriously, spell properly please.
Allonsy (author)  A good name6 years ago
thats the point actually. i dont.
Then get off instructables.
Allonsy (author)  A good name6 years ago
aaand what if i dont want to or care what people think. eg. you. just could you leave me alone? this is an rs instructable that i wrote a long time ago and yet i have people arguing about spelling and whether rs is dead or not. srsly ppl. why waste your time?
Im kinda surprised, most people past 10 or so dont want their runescape accounts anymore cause they say its boring, you must be good :D
Allonsy (author)  bounty10126 years ago
i hardly ever play anymore. just when im bored .
same here, I mostly get on to talk with people.
Wow. He really can't do that? <_<; I only thought it'd be illegal if it was published for wholesale. XD J00 got burned, Instructable-Making Guy!
bounty10126 years ago
lolz, btw what were you painting down there?
bounty10126 years ago
I really dont think we need an instructable on making a runescape account.
Allonsy (author)  bounty10126 years ago
lol i realised that after i was finished with this. just wanted to make an instructable i guess...
Undermig7 years ago
lmao you play on ijji too?
i did b4. now my acc. well im giving it for free for a good player.
I will take it off your hands, im a very heavy soldier front player, and I really want to try out some of the new guns.
so you want my acC? if so i need all your info about you. to see if your good. my sf name is undermig i played this game for 2 years now here look and i got a dragon m4. 798 (3) Undermig 5691 19923/15477 (56.28%) 49256/32903 http://sfront.ijji.com/ranking/individual.nhn?statcode=H&field=codename&value=undermig

Hi, unstopab..
(not unstopab..? Sign-in here)

  • Codename: UNDERMIG
  • Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
  • SP: 17,797 SP
  • Points: 1,260,636
well this is my new account,

  • Codename: MUNKIEE-*
  • Rank: Second Lieutenant
  • SP: 5,647 SP
  • Points: 55,115
  • Survival Rate: 40.0%
  • Precision Rate: 3.0%
  • No. of Kills: 1260
  • No. of Headshots: 162
  • Kill/Death: 1.183
hes got m110 sass and I'm excellent with it.
ps im a red lieutenant col that over 1million 250k and i used over 100$ on that acc but for not x2 but for equipements
peach_fart6 years ago
im off to troll runesape nao!heh heh heh...
hey people go to my instructable on how to make a runescape account watch the video on how to get a free account on runescape free this is not a scam!!!!
Danny7 years ago
there is already a guide on how to make a runescape account on the site, and all you did was took screen shots and added common sense this doesnt qualify for an instructable under my understanding
I've got to agree.
fraseyboy7 years ago
Lamer than lame. I don't think people really need an instructable on how to make a runescape account... But maybe I'm overestimating.
Allonsy (author) 7 years ago
kk im makin 1 about that
Good Instructable. I was thinking About making one on how to easily level up without dieing (as much)
Allonsy (author) 7 years ago
hey peoples I'm only 12 go easy on me... the games fun anyway i like it and i only play it half hour on weekdays and hour on weekends... its not addicting. i like it, but the new update stinks.
I used to play this game, recently (as in just a couple days ago) I started again (I got autoers >;-)
Where'd ya get the autoers... :D
bit torrent
dsman1952767 years ago
played it. hacked it. got borred and stoped playing it. got banned. darn.
i used to play runescape, i rarely play it now. level 64 i think, 82 or 84 wooodcutting. :-) im CowSquisher if u want to add me
Haha same here, level 74 until i found the free online Fps WarRock. That game is the stuff...
Nice 'Ible, but next time, don't introduce more people to a highly addicting, time-wasting, drug-like game!
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