video How to make a Rustic Bottle Opener
Here I show you how to make a rustic bottle opener, for the wall or counter. I can e-mail you the cut list if you like. The cut list is free, you just need the printer. This project is smart green fun. If you want me to make you a bottle opener then call me or e-mail,
936 419 1941 handcraftsup@gmail.com The cost is $16.00 You are always more then welcome to come visit me here in Texas
Thanks for viewing
David Spiesman
Mralicea8 months ago
Hi David, can. You send me the cut list? Chuchazo66@gmail.com, thanks, Milton
villager1 year ago
Hi David, long time member, first time poster. You stayed the cut list is free and then state a cost of $16.00. What's the $16.00 about?