Introduction: How to Make a Santa Beard From Dog Hair

Here's what you will need:

  • paper towels
  • packing tape
  • parchment paper
  • scissors
  • Santa hat
  • dog brush
  • white dog

Step 1: Gather Some Dog Hair

Use the dog brush on the white dog to gather enough hair for your beard. Treats may help garner cooperation from dog. They did in my case.

Step 2: Create a Santa Beard Pattern

Using paper towels, make a pattern for your Santa beard. This can be an iterative process involving standing in front of a mirror with scissors and a pencil handy. (Closing your mouth over the paper towel will help you with the placement of the mouth.)

Step 3: Trace the Santa Beard Pattern Onto Parchment Paper

Cut a piece of parchment paper and trace the Santa beard pattern onto it.

Step 4: Cover the Parchment Paper With Packing Tape

Dealing with packing tape is not fun. Carefully cover the parchment paper with strips of packing tape, so the entire sheet of parchment paper is covered with packing tape.

Step 5: Cut Out the Parchment Paper

Cut out your Santa beard using scissors. (If you happen to have other tools, such as a cutting wheel, you may find that works more easily than scissors.)

Step 6: Peel the Parchment Paper and Add the White Dog Hair!

This is the fun part!

Start peeling back the parchment paper and place the dog hair on the tape.

I put hair spray on the beard when I finished, just to keep it from looking unkempt. (I didn't want a Duck Dynasty Santa beard.)

Step 7: Pin to Santa Hat

Just pin the beard to your Santa Hat and you are ready to go!


jmccrary made it! (author)2015-12-22

Thank you so much for the belly laugh! The comments and your replies are hilarious. I wouldn't make a dog hair beard, but I did buy my son a "fart gun" for Christmas. Man, this is hilarious!

jmccrary made it! (author)2015-12-22

Thank you so much for the belly laugh! The comments and your replies are hilarious. I wouldn't make a dog hair beard, but I did buy my son a "fart gun" for Christmas. Man, this is hilarious!

jgreen71 made it! (author)2015-12-07

Haha, you are a genius. White dog!

mlheran made it! (author)2015-01-04

Haha, that is awesome and crafty, well done!
On a side note, I have a dog that looks like brother to yours. We got him from a shelter and they called him a Pomeranian-Spitz mix. Does your little guy have a known breed?

sabbiesmom made it! (author)sabbiesmom2015-01-05

Yes! Kevin is a Pomeranian. Thanks for your comment!

jkellam3158 made it! (author)2014-12-21

I'm sorry but this is very unsanitary eating the dog dandruff alone makes me ill.

sabbiesmom made it! (author)sabbiesmom2014-12-21

Kevin does not have dandruff. And if he did, it would probably be tasty.

xxVANNYisJESUSxx made it! (author)xxVANNYisJESUSxx2015-01-03

LOL!! xD

ImagineCircuits made it! (author)2014-12-25

Two words - Just Wierd !

cdstudioNH made it! (author)2014-12-22

Sorry to be off topic, but there is something odd under your tree.

: )

I didn't know such a thing as a Fart Piano existed.

sabbiesmom made it! (author)sabbiesmom2014-12-23

Great eye! Yes, it plays lovely melodies!

99xj made it! (author)2014-12-22

That's nasty. I bet the dog is even grossed out.

heltones made it! (author)2014-12-22

Hahaha! Nice.

This would totally not work with my dog's hair, nor the cats' (tabby...not white).

sbusic1 made it! (author)2014-12-21

.... I think I'll just buy one if I need one.

sabbiesmom made it! (author)sabbiesmom2014-12-21

what fun is that?

Hollywood Hacker made it! (author)Hollywood Hacker2014-12-22

the fun is... no trip the doctor!

Hollywood Hacker made it! (author)2014-12-22

Ew just ew......

samantha.woodley1 made it! (author)2014-12-22

that is disgusting

NathanSellers made it! (author)2014-12-21

Ew. that kinda freaks me out.

bizzycrafter made it! (author)2014-12-21

That looks really cute, and your dog is adorable!! I do something similar at my house... I put moisturizer on my face and lie down. By the time I get up I have a beautiful beard of dog hair (black, brown, cream, AND white) with no need for packing tape!!

arduinoversusevil made it! (author)2014-12-21

This is awesome! LMAO.

Wait, is it April already?

bricobart made it! (author)2014-12-21

Not to wear on a rainy day!

sabbiesmom made it! (author)sabbiesmom2014-12-21

maybe the hairspray will protect it.

jbriese1 made it! (author)2014-12-21


CraftD made it! (author)CraftD2014-12-21

I second that. I love my dog, but that's really unappealing to me.

Kiteman made it! (author)2014-12-21

Do you not get an odd response from other dogs (or even your own dog) when you wear it?

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