Picture of How to make a Scarf Dress

This dress is fun, comfortable to wear, and perfect for the summer days!
For this dress use a printed silky fabric and a pair of high heels.

Cost: I spend about 12 $ making this Dress.
Feel free to ask if there is something unclear! :)

Step 1: You will need.

Picture of You will need.

1. Fabric: Silk.
2. Sewing machine.
3. Scissors.
4. Pins.
5. Chalk.
6. Ribbon.
abbinormal4 years ago
Where do you get your chalk?
WhyHello4 years ago
I how do we sew it if we want it to hug us just beneath the bust?
Mi Amor.......
This is a quick and easy tutorial. I am going to knock it out, and send you some photos. Thank you!
I am 54 years old, live in NYC, and I watch the world's most beautiful and best dressed women EVERY single day. Because of you, I now sew several times a week, making your fashions which I give to some of these said women.
I just came back from Spandex World with 50 yards of spandex that I am going to make your leggings bikinis, and underwear with. I am even going to make myself a pair of your leggings to wear on my racing bike.
You are sooo beautiful, sooooo sexy, and soooo talented, you make me want to cry!
Keep it up
giannyl (author)  DadySewCoolNYC4 years ago
Hi honey!! You're very nice! :) I'll be waitting the photos ;)
I'm really glad you are making clothes and stuff, thank you so much... I appreciate :)
sarahfish4 years ago
wonderful video as always, really impressed on how good your detailed instructions have become! huge fan :)
giannyl (author)  sarahfish4 years ago
Thank you Sarah ;) I'm gald you like it!
danny61144 years ago
Is it just me or do your scissors need sharpening? I could do that for you! ';^)