How to Make a Self-Defense Crenellated, Strike-Bezel for ANY Flashlight!





Introduction: How to Make a Self-Defense Crenellated, Strike-Bezel for ANY Flashlight!

This Instructable is on how to make a Self-Defense crenellated, strike bezel for ANY flashilght! Grin
My T-10 OLight is a great little one battery flashlight with a strobe, but does not have the option of a crenellated bezel, so I made one. I've decided to pass the process along so that others may make one for their flashlights, regardless of brand.


Step 1: Make a 'bushing' for Your Flashlight's Head.

First of all, measure the outside diameter of your flashlight head.
Then make, or have made, a 'bushing' with the inside diameter slightly smaller than the 'outside' diameter of your flashlight.
Make the outside diameter 1/4" larger than your inside diameter. This will give you a 'wall-thickness' of 1/8".
Make the bushing 3/4" long.
Not having the equipment to make this bushing, I had EDC member MattW, make it for me. (As you can see, he does excellent work.)
Since the bushing will be made with some hand work, choose a metal that is easy to file, such as aluminum, brass or bronze. I decided to go with brass.
Photo 1: You will see my T-10 OLight, (which is run by a single CR123A battery), alongside the bushing. Put a piece of masking tape over the lens for protection.

Step 2: Fitting the Bushing.

Photo 2: After honing the inside of the bushing with emory cloth to get a perfect snug fit, glue/epoxy the bushing to your flashlight's head, leaving at least half it's length past the head.

Step 3: Measure and Mark the End Ofthe Bushing.

Photo 3: Measure and mark the end of the bushing with 6 equadistance marks, (as guides for your file work).

Step 4: Hand File the Relief Portions of Your Bezel.

Photo 4:
First take a small round, rat's tail file, and notch the end of the bushing. It's easier to start a narrow file, rather a large diameter file which slides out of place more easily. I used a 1/8" dia. file. After you've made your 6 notches with the small file, use a 1/4" dia. file and continue to file the notches 1/4" deep. Take off the masking tape from the lens and blow out any debris.

Step 5: De-burr the Sharp Edges With the Emory Cloth.

Photos 5: Shows the finish product, after 'deburring' any sharp edges with the emory cloth.

Step 6: Another View

Photo 6: Another shot of completed bezel.

Step 7: Another View

Photo 7: Another shot of completed bezel.

Step 8: Final View and Comments.

Another view.

Although my cheap eBay camera doesn't show it well, the black and gold combination, looks very nice.

Now here's the important part.
When the Officer asks how the Bad Guy got his face all bloody, say: "Gee, I don't know, Officer. All I know is, this guy comes running up to me saying: 'Hold on, hold on, let me holler at you for awhile'. The next thing I know, he runs right into my flashlight. Uh..., several times. Then takes off crying! Now that's my story; and I'm sticking to it..."




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    This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!

    I'm puzzled??? The first picture in the intro step IS a pic of the finished project. Please let me know what you want me to do. Thanks, wes.

    that comment was put on before the thing was even published to be viewed

    Nebo Redline 5557. Crenelated, of course, but that's not great unless it's also a good flashlight. This one is. Brilliant light, solid construction, fits in your palm. This is a bone-crunching, flesh-tearing striker for real.


    Sorry - should have mentioned: Available in US for $30 or less if you shop around.

    so where did you find the bushing?
    i really want to make one of these for my edc i just dont know where to start to look for one of those bushings

    dude this is freaking brilliant
    im going to have to make one now

    Nice! I have made things like this for Mag-lights from PVC fittings.

    oh...if you are not set on brass...u could find a large "castle nut"

    old "ible" but new to me. i am an expert of finding donor parts...if one cant machine one of these...head to the plumbing department of your local hardware store...i`m sure you`ll find a great donor piece frm all the brass fittings...AWESOME btw