This is a centrifugal pump that only needs to be primed before pumping begins then it can continue on it's own.

To make this pump you will need:
-Threaded rod (driveshaft)
-Hose adaptor
-Hose/ Tubing
-Sheet of neoprene
-2x sheets of plastic 
-1x plastic disc(laser cut)
-bottle neck and bottle cap
-19x nuts and bolts
-38x washers
-3x wooden blocks(moulds to be vacuum formed)
-thin sheet of aluminium
-hot glue gun
-waterproof sealant

-epoxy resin

Step 1: Backplate

1) On the back plate mark out where the 3 inner components (impeller and 2 blocks) are going to go, as well as the outer shape of the pump.
2) In the centre of where the impeller will go, mark out and drill a single hole for both the inlet hose and driveshaft.
3) Attach hose adapter through the inlet hole.
bro the impeller should rotate in which direction clockwise or anticlockwise...???<br>
Does that means without any power???
This is great. What do you use it for?

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