Picture of How to make a Shuriken out of a CD!!!!!!
Do ever wish that you can own a Shuriken that can fly well like the one Naurto used? Well, you can own one right now under $10!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : This is a Shuriken that can still hurt people or living thihgs (even know that the edges aren't that sharp). Please don't throw it at people. It's not my fault if you want to be a fool.
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Step 1: What you need...

Picture of What you need...
You'll need the following things:

1) an old CD
2) a roll of scotch tape
3) a knife-grinder
4) a permanent marker
5) a pair of scissor
6) a ruler
7) some sand paper
8) sliver or black or gray paint

Step 2: Tapeing the CD...

Picture of Tapeing the CD...
Cover the CD with Scotch tape on both sides for about 3 times. Doing this will help the CD not broken up after you cut it.

Step 3: The Shape--------the begining...

Picture of The Shape--------the begining...
Now, take your marker and ruler and your ready for the 3rd step. Use the ruler and draw a cross on the taped CD (as shown in the picture). Make sure the corners are 90 degrees. Next, turn the CD so the cross look like a X and draw a dot in the middle with the distance of 1.5 cm from the center (or in the middle of a 90 degree angle,look at all the pictures).

Step 4: The Shape--------Part 2....

Picture of The Shape--------Part 2....
Now, draw a line from the tip of a line of the cross (or X) and pass it through the dot, not passing the other ling of the cross. Each dot will be passed by only two lines.Repeat for the rest and you should be finish with the shape. Look at the pictures for a better understanding.

Step 5: Cutting the CD...

Picture of Cutting the CD...
Follow the lines, cut the un-needed parts out with a big scissor ( like i did in the picture). Be careful, the CD might break during the cutting, and if it did, just put some more tape on it.

Step 6: Sharpening the edges...

Picture of Sharpening the edges...
Take your knife-grinder and start grinding the shuriken on the edges so it look like it's sharp. Do it to every edge and also the back.
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get a new name please.
 ya, i agree with that

(removed by why do you care who removed it?)
iknowad3 years ago
The only thing this can do is impale someones eye. Its way too light to be effective in any combat situation. Unless you are fighting a toddler or something. This would probably stick into cardboard tho if you throw it hard enough.
raichufan993 years ago
(removed by spongebobs son)
its soo cool
Ed23 years ago
If you leave the inner corners at an angle it will cause a stress point and eventually cracks will form. I suggest you radius the angles at the bases where opposing points meet!
Ed23 years ago
If you have a scroll saw, use it for this. It works great!!
activescout5 years ago
thanks man, i got a mango from a tree using it
(removed by author or community request)
yes, it is.
Screamo4 years ago
Eh pretty good
um is it possible to make one non lethal but still effective for... self defense? and for the record im not actually emo
Wilus4 years ago
nice weapon
e36freak4 years ago
that, my friend, is painters tape aka masking tape. scotch tape, or "cellotape," is clear
Morriscow5 years ago
 if you use a cd-r you can pry off the bottom, which won't splinter
maryjolene5 years ago
it is a bit hard to cut it but how did you cut it easily i know i am a girl but i want a weapon that can kill my stupid friend it is a bit sharp im no more mister nicey
Don't you mean "Miss Nicey"?
....kill.....hmm quote:Please don't throw it at people. It's not my fault if you want to be a fool.
i am cool 101 (author)  maryjolene5 years ago
You can use a razor knife and cut the perimeter and then bend it off the un-needed parts. Grind the edge to make it sharp.
Templarix475 years ago
wow thats cute
but very cool i have a good idea for a kunai.
really do it 

                    (i just this today(don't blame me)
can you not put paint on it and just use duck tape?
'duct tape.'
i am cool 101 (author)  Mathias Re'eh5 years ago
yes, but it wont punch a card board
nmbalazs1235 years ago
I got hit by one!
very good :)
your not cool
poser6 years ago
dude thats awesome! xD
i am cool 101 (author)  poser6 years ago
moodog6 years ago
Thats awesome
i am cool 101 (author)  moodog6 years ago
When you put the paint on it, do you leave the tape on or take it off?
you leave it on
cdizzle6 years ago
i've made one before and it broke cuz i threw it at my friends wall but i didn't tape on it good idea
Can it puncture cardboard?
ya dude no problem :)
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