Step 5: Cutting the CD...

Picture of Cutting the CD...
Follow the lines, cut the un-needed parts out with a big scissor ( like i did in the picture). Be careful, the CD might break during the cutting, and if it did, just put some more tape on it.
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Ed24 years ago
If you have a scroll saw, use it for this. It works great!!
Morriscow5 years ago
 if you use a cd-r you can pry off the bottom, which won't splinter
maryjolene6 years ago
it is a bit hard to cut it but how did you cut it easily i know i am a girl but i want a weapon that can kill my stupid friend it is a bit sharp im no more mister nicey
i am cool 101 (author)  maryjolene6 years ago
You can use a razor knife and cut the perimeter and then bend it off the un-needed parts. Grind the edge to make it sharp.
freerunnin16 years ago
try scoring the lines it wont break if u do that