It's cheap and easy to make. You will need: cardboard, scissors, pencil, and model magic clay from crayola (you can get it at any craft store).

Step 1: Drawing Out the Shuriken

I start out by drawing a cross so it's easier to draw the points of the star. The size of it only matters to how big you want your shuriken to be. The circle has to be big enough for your finger to fit through.
would play dough work?
Hmm i dont think that would dry nicely enough, plus it will probably crumble off after awhile. Maybe if you used the kind of playdoh clay you can bake in the oven so it would be solid.
another thing is to use just plane metal haha jk but htis is a good idea its rly good i might use it but u can use plaster to make it harder and alil sharper
Nice idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice its hard trying to mold it in size of the naruto shuriken and make the sharp edges.
does it actually stick in anything? or just hurt when you get hit?
well its only cardboard and clay so it wont hurt too bad if you throw it at some one, but if you make it out of scissors like were talking about... yea it probably would
AHaahahaha!!! I thought you were going to make them out of the scissors, like break the scissors in half and somehow get them together. This way's alot cooler I think.
XD! i really didnt think of that wen i posted this. I suppose if someone wanted to make an actual shuriken they could do that. but im not even going to attempt that
yeah, good Idea. My friend and I made some from scissors and we broke some persons window and almost got caught.
haha nice.
yo gonna spraypaint these silver and scare some old guy

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