Picture of How to make a Sketchup Room
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This Instructable is all about how to create an amazing computer-assisted design room. I will be using Google (Trimble) Sketchup. Sketchup is a very limited tool but easy to use, and, it is free. You can download it here.
I have several goals for this room:
It must use real dimensions of my actual room
It must have unique furniture
It must have lots of books
It must have an area designated for designing and homework
It must have a place for my gecko's enclosure
It must be realistic to create
It must maintain a stream-lined industrial feel

Let's get started!

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Step 1: The floor plan

Picture of The floor plan
Room #2.jpg
Room #3.jpg
The cut out space is where my closet is, if I ever feel moved to create my design in real life I don't want to risk having the roof cave in on me by breaking it down.
For this part of the model I exclusively used the rectangle tool (hotkey 'r'). I had previously measured the dimensions of my room to create an accurate floor plan. To exact my measurements I had typed in the little box at the bottom right hand corner of the screen the exact dimensions.

Step 2: Creating depth

Picture of Creating depth
Room #5.jpg
Room #6.jpg
For this step I employed three tools; the push and pull tool, the line tool, and the select tool.
First I used push/pull (hotkey 'p') to raise all the sides up. Then the line tool (hotkey 'l') to create a solid space over the door, with a push/pull to give it depth.
A ceiling should form, if it doesn't, that is O.K, if it does, erase it. To erase something in Sketchup you need to press space to get the select tool, left click what you want to erase, then hit the delete key.
Job well done. It looks like you had a good time with both the creative and the technical parts of this process. Movie was a nice final touch.
RoboTable (author)  Manny Juarez1 year ago
I am glad you like it! I worked really hard on it.
belcher1241 year ago
This is really great stuff. keep it up
RoboTable (author)  belcher1241 year ago
Thank you!
I worked really hard on this. Please remember to vote!