Building and flying kites is a wonderful hobby and a good way to learn about air, wind and flight.  This type of kite is called a sled kite, it is constructed from a single sheet of light plastic, tape and straws.  It is a reliable flier, performing well in most wind conditions.

This project supports many aspects of  state or provincial curriculum.  Schools have used this simple kite to support science and technology .

Step 1: Supplies:

- 1 - large plastic bag (garbage bags work well)
- 6 - 25 cm straws (join them to create 3, 45 cm straws)
- 1 roll of clear tape
- 1 roll of duct tape
- string (fishing line is ideal)
- scissors
-hole punch
- marker pen
Easiest kite I've ever flown! Thanks
I have flied some of these kites, they are very good. Mine are without vent hole.
Very nice! With the template it`s definitely practicable in the classroom.
Yes it is ,hope you like it . :D

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