Step 3: Flying Your Kite

- Test fly your kite by holding the loop in the bridle and running.
- Hold your hand high and the kite should follow along behind you.
- To fly higher, tie a long string to the loop in the bridle.

- Kite Eating Trees:
: Flying kites close to trees or buildings is difficult, this is because air behaves strangely when it moves past objects, swirling in unpredictable directions and taking your kite with it. An open field is the best place to fly a kite.

- DON'T FLY KITES NEAR POWER LINES!  Power lines are very dangerous!

- Experimenting with Kites:
: Try creating your own sled kite.  Create a larger or smaller version of this same kite. Try different shapes for the vent.  Does a tail improve the performance of your kite?

- Feel free to ask question or comment , I try my best to reply as soon as possible .
Easiest kite I've ever flown! Thanks
I have flied some of these kites, they are very good. Mine are without vent hole.
Very nice! With the template it`s definitely practicable in the classroom.
Yes it is ,hope you like it . :D

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