Picture of How to make a Snowboard!
Its snowing heavily in england (5th january). and... im off work. so I thougth I might have a go at making a snow board. To start off, its not a professional board, but works pretty good!

Be safe as this is a home made snow board
and Have fun riding the snow....
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Step 1: What you will need:

You will need.
Hard board ( atleast 1m X .06m )
5 minute epoxy or a wood glue
Paper and a printer (to print off the template)
Old shoes (the correct size for your feet)
4 cross head screws


shoe laces

Tools you will need:

A Plain
smooth sand paper
A hand saw
Cross headed Screw driver

Step 2: Template

Picture of Template
You will need, hard board, a saw, a pencil and a printer.

First print out the Microsoft word document and cut around the edges of the black outline to make the template. Like shown in picture one.
Next put the template on the hardboard and draw around it. 
I would recommend you cut a rectangular piece around the template, to make the size easier to work with.

Step 3: Cut it out

Picture of Cut it out
One you have draw the template on to the hardboard cut it out. You should use a small hand saw or even a hack saw.

Follow the lines carefully, and take it slow.... I sound like a surf
Next plain and sand down the edges until they are nice and smooth
Tip: You will be making two of these, but on one of the keep the smooth side of the hard board smooth eg. dont sand it.
You finished result should look like picture 1

Repeat this process twice
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spencdood2 months ago
i tried this with a skateboard........i just put plastic on the bottom of the deck.....would all this work if i did that to it
i mean its put a good edge on it but im kinda questionimg the effects....
basicLaser2 years ago
In england we don't really have any serious winter sports, this is just for fun. Our country doesn't know how to handle snow at all :D Everything stops even when there's just a little bit, nobody drives . I did this by taking the wheels off of my longboard, its more just about fun in england. :)
where abouts do you put the books underneath and how does it work ?????
Great instructable anyway...
Thanks :-D
oeskor3 years ago
I don't want to be mean or anything but it's not going to work... You'll just fall over every time you try to ride it because a) it's WAY too small and b) it doesn't have this snow-cutting iron edge under it so you'll be like on ice. I'm sorry but it is a quite perfect if you want to make a fool of yourself and want to get used to falling. Or maybe snowboarding in England is like sledding - you don't need any skill whatsoever and you just try to have fun.
could you use an extra strong adhesive
very very very strong
craven15994 years ago
Maybe to get your riding legs under you before taking the plunge and dropping $800 on gear... But uh... a couple of short points: 1. You might break your ankles 2. Lifteys will hit you up for bribes 3. ski patrol will escort you to your car 4. It might be easier to just buy a board off craigs(seen whole setups for $50) 5. most commercially available lumber products don't have the characteristics you want. (pop, and flex combined with rigidity and durability) But... hey, an hour or so and $20 at the hardware store and you got a nice practice deck. small children are resilient, they could use this for a winter and get the idea in the yard if you got a hill and they'll appreciate edges when they see them too.
yeah id have to agree, and im a ski patroller in colorado
hey, im a junior patroller there!
yeah me too, pretty sure pip would kill anyone with one of these
lock5 years ago
This looks like it would be fun enough, but it would be nothing like an actual snowboard. It dosent look like you have any metal edges, so turning in anything other than really deep soft light powder would be really hard and even in good conditions your feet are hanging off the sides. If you were to turn you would dig in your heels or toes and crash. This is an interesting idea, but in order for it to operate like a snowboard in any way shape or form there would have to be some serious improvements.
you could put a section of metal in between the two boards, then you have edges!
G-force7774 years ago
uh id have to enforce whats been said. im a ski patroller in colorado, and if i saw this youd be taken to the med room on a snowmobile and checked for frostbite broken ankles and etc. and then sent home or to the ski shop
very cool. i love snowboarding. i prefer real store boughten boards. its not a Burton but it will work. i might make one and ride on small hills that arent suitable for an expensive board.
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zgenius4 years ago
hey i checked with my local lowes is there any alternative to hardboard?
oscarthompson (author)  zgenius4 years ago
You could use marine ply wood but it may not form the shape aswell. All though it might work. Your hardware store should sell hardboard? Thanks Oscar
I love this Im a big snowboarder and if i break one thats $150-300 bucks laying on the snow.  This gives me the same quality only much much much cheaper and i can design my own ideas
dude! I'm a rider and have a lot of big buddies and trust me, they make boards for you. If you break them you're a champ! I'd suggest a Never summer, they used to have a bunch of posters with the tip and tail touching in a press... they return to their orig. shape and still ride. this would make a cool project but it's not the "same" quality. just sayin...
Allonsy4 years ago
i would either get shorter shoes or make the board wider, i mean, theres like 10cm of shoe sticking out the front! serious wipeout if you even attempted to turn. also, i have a feeling you'd start getting cold very quickly in those shoes, they dont look very waterproof, and thirdly, it would be better to get high top shoes like combats or some sort of firm boot, otherwise turning would be very complicated. otherwise nice idea.
Karletto5555 years ago
hardboards are not ment for outdoor use. i suggest you use plywood instead. it is stronger and  moisture/ water is not a problem.
Snowboarding.... ahh the art. I am definatley thinking about making this.

By fiber board, what do u meant?
luvit5 years ago
i tried it once or twice.  i never got off the bunny slopes.
h.calvin7205 years ago
 I would make the board wider because as has been mentioned carving would be pretty risky. It would probably be a good idea to add a thin sheet of sheet metal (easily picked up at your local hardware store) between the two layers of wood. Also, if you had to screw the shoes to the board I would suggest that you use bolts and nuts instead. Drill a hole in the bottom of the board large enough so that the nut will sit flush with the bottom of the board. Overall a great idea. Next snow I'm making one.
whackpak5 years ago
Make the wood wet. Fit it into shape and let it dry and the shape will be kept by the wood. (maybe this is for certain types of wood, I don't know!)
BHStibal5 years ago
 good idea, but look at the width of the board in comparison to the shoes...when you attempt to grind your shoes will dig in and you will fall. 
WhatULive45 years ago
I appreciate the effort, but there are some safety concerns.  By saying "it works pretty good", means it is almost like a regular snowboard.

That looks like it would break very quickly.  Also, I would never use a board where my toes/heels hang off of the edge (think about carving, your toes/heels would dig into the snow and make you crash).  I recommend putting a warning at the beginning at least.  You are just looking for trouble!
I agree with snowmanb (that rhymed when I read that)

You will get seriously injured for this, I`m all for people carelessly getting themselves injured, but when others are involved, that`s where I pull to a stop.
Burton did this (if I recall correctly) and they tested them themselves and it still took a long while before a safer consumer model was released.

As I say, you wouldnt repaint the sistine chapel.

Also since I'm not going to deter ANYONE by my comments, if you're going to do this, you should at least get some proper measurements.
Based on this person's shoe size the board appears to be much too short and definitely too thin. And wear a helmet, please!
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