How to Make a Soda Can Rocket





Introduction: How to Make a Soda Can Rocket

In this instructable I am going to teach how to make a rocket out of a soda can. It really simple to create and only takes a minute or two.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this quick project you need:
1 Empty Soda Can
1 Pair of Scissors
1 Fire Cracker
Lighter or Matches

Step 2: Cut Up the Can

Now take your scissors and cut the can in half.

Step 3: Strip the Cracker (That Was Not Supposed to Be a Joke)

Now you need to take apart the fire cracker leaving only one cracker left connected to the main fuse. Then Slip it in the drinking hole of the soda can and connect both sides of the can to each other.

Step 4: Take Er Out Side

Now take the soda can out side and set the can with hole facing down and the fuse sticking out the side. Then light it and run like hell.

Update: Youtube took down my video because it said it was inappropriate. WTF mate. I looked there code of conduct and it talks about not making bombs. Maybe it was taken down because of that. It makes me really made that they took it down!!! So I uploaded it google video!

Thanks for Watching
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Joer14 (at)
Music for video by my twin brother. He is only 13 years old.



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    god flamin damn it firecrackers are banned in the uk

    have you read the wheel of time?you sound like mat...

    Ahh can't wait till Summer when I can do this again! Sadly it doesn't work in the cold of winter.

    my kids will love this! is there a way i can download the video

    If your twin brother is 13, then you're 13... you don't look it in the pictures. Oh well, I'm not judging, just being observational. Hey where would I be able to get the music any way? It's really good.

    This tutorial is two years old. I'm 15 now but I was 13 at the time.

    oh ok. it's good music anyway! :D

    zildjian rocks man! i use all zildjian symbols