When I was little I made the most awesome Jack O' Lantern ever which looked like a snowman! This instructable will teach you how to make that same snowman in Solidworks. As well these same instruction can be used to make a real one!

If you are making a real one you will have to find yourself some white pumpkins, or maybe you could paint some orange ones white. 

I'm hoping to get a chance to try printing this out in 3D sometime soon so I will post the results if I get it to work. Though there might need to be some modifications to make the pieces. I have added all the Solidworks files on here if anyone want to try it themselves by converting them to .stl files.

Step 1: Create a Cheese Wheel

This step you will create the size of the pumpkin by creating the same sketch in the picture. Make sure to have it ofset from the origin as it will make things easier later on. After you do the sketch revolve it around the line that is on the left to create this thing that look like a cheese wheel!

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