Picture of Christmas fun.

Fun that's free: Who doesn't want that? Save any decorative paper that you have left over from presents, especially the holographic, sparkly, twinkly and shiny types. Small pieces are fine for the stars themselves or to decorate plainer paper. ( Get family and friends to give you theirs.)  Fun, Fun, Fun. Have a great craft day and share this instructable with others. Fun that's free.

[[ Please note]] I have added some extra explanations where It was called for. I am unable to remake the Instructable (no camera) so feel free to ask any questions and I promise to reply. Craftv.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools

 I square piece of paper (that's it).

Size: For the purposes of the Instructable I have used a two sided paper so you can see more easily which is front and back. 
The patterned side will be the star.
You can use plain white paper, If you mess up as you practice that's all it costs, 1 piece of paper.
The size of the square will be the same size as the completed star.
The larger silver and red stars are made of 3 layers of Holographic paper, one on top of the other. [They look like 3D.]
For the purposes of this instruction I shall say patterned or plain side of paper (even though you may not be using a one sided paper).

Step 2: Plain Side

Picture of Plain Side
Lay paper down with plain side facing you.

Step 3: Fold in four across.

Picture of Fold in four across.
Fold plain side edge to edge and crease well. Open up and repeat for other two edges, crease well. Open up and see the crossed lines through the middle.  



Fold the patterned side together point to point across the diagonal and crease well. Fold across the other diagonal and crease well. Open up and see the crossed lines in place.
[NOTE] Apologies . Please flip the paper to the patterned side before this fold. The result is valley folds edge to edge and mountain folds across the diagonal.

Step 5: Fold into small square

Picture of Fold into small square
Push the diagonal lines inward (plain on the inside)  this will collapse the large square into a small square (see picture).
sunshiine3 years ago
You did a great job! It is difficult to demonstrate through pictures but this is great. I have seen people try and show how to fold something and the angle is terrible.
craftyv (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
I really appreciate this because this was my first ible. Thanks for subbing me.
dkfa4 years ago
Great instructable! One thing I would like to see is more descriptive instructions or a video. My brother and I had a hard time finding out what you meant. But we finished the star nevertheless! Keep up the great work!
craftyv (author)  dkfa4 years ago
I'm thrilled. You are the first to tell me that they actually tried it. Prhaps you can tell me what you found difficult and I'd be more than happy to help out. I have no idea how to make or post a video, so I'm afraid that's out but tell me where you found it hardest to understand and I will re-do if I can. What paper did you use and how about a photo.
craftyv (author) 4 years ago
Free Fun is my new instructable name. Please note I know less about cameras than I know about computers but I will keep trying. Hi everyone who looks (please comment).
Awesome, nicely laid out. We will be expecting more!
craftyv (author)  iminthebathroom4 years ago
Actually an up-grade is in the works. I want to try to get some viewers and comments. Thanks so much.
craftyv (author) 4 years ago
Hi! from the Sparkly Christmas Star lady. Comments Please. When you view please put a comment or any suggestions. This was my first Instructable so any critiques would be good. I want to get really good at making Instructables that stand out to the viewer.
ilv2grdn2 years ago
I got as far as step 8. On step 9 you said "Take the long bottom point and lift up." What I came up with was the long point is all folded together as one and I cannot lift just one. All other steps from 9 and up make sense to me. Just not step 9. I don't know how you got separate points. Please help!
craftyv (author)  ilv2grdn2 years ago
I am so pleased you are trying this and brought to my attention this difficulty. I agree it's not clear enough' Please look again soon as I am re-doing the steps that are unclear . I must admit I am unable to use "clever" presentation methods so I had to use the basics, ie. photo's
Puzzledd4 years ago
Ooh, lovely star design! I'm going to try these next Christmas!
Thanks for the really clear, detailed instructions and pictures :)
ChrysN4 years ago
Pretty, I especially like layering 2 together.