Picture of How to make a Steampunk Easter Egg
This is a steampunk easter egg i made in about an hour total. Its meant to look like a robotic egg with some steampunk look to it.

Step 1: The Parts List

Picture of The Parts List
1. balsa wood egg from hobby lobby.
2. standard electrical house wire.
3. hobby paint. black, silver, and gold paint.
4. a couple of pen springs.
5. a rc antenna.
6. necklace chain.
7. aluminum tubing.
8. gears from toys.
9. car lightbulb.
10. some hex caps for bike tires.
11. small screws.

LucDaRocka13 years ago
this is mine.... its a real egg..... mine looks mor like a junked up robot
nickodemus5 years ago
Now this is my kind of Faberge. And it also reminds me that Instructables should have had an Easter contest.
lemonie5 years ago
That's original, nice job.