Step 5: Paint Mr. Potato Head to look steampunk

Picture of Paint Mr. Potato Head to look steampunk

Paint everything black with acrylic paint or spray paint. Detail shot. Everything looks like one solid color. Every nook and cranny is covered. It was easier for me to get full coverage by taking the toy apart and painting in pieces.

Wait for the black coat to dry. Then, mix the yellow, silver, and copper paint to your liking. If you can take your toy apart, I suggest you paint it in pieces. Dry brush your paint onto your toy. Make sure to brush even strokes in one direction. Let the some of the black color show through. Leave the edges and seams black to create more depth.

Last but on least my potato head needs an eye shining through his monocle. I want him to look alive!

So, there you have it! Steampunk Mr. Potato Head. Enjoy!!!

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molly.hyatt.77 months ago

This is some serious awesomeness!! Thanks for sharing.

ehhdean3 years ago
Very cool. I like how you turned it around to make a big mouth.
Alaap4 years ago
Great Idea i will try doing it
Laucas5 years ago
love your instructions, it turned out great. I'm going to try to make one for a Christmas gift.