I've been looking for another Strawberry Jar, but don't care for the high price tag. I thought  "You know, I bet I can make one out of stuff I have at home."
So, I did, and I don't think it turned out too badly.
The plastic is all re-purposed and the  only other materials I needed were some small screws, caulk (both of which I had on hand) and paint (which was on sale).

Step 1: Materials and Tools


Large plastic jug 
Plastic bottles or cups if that's what you have available
1/2" screws
Paintable caulk
Paint for plastic


Tape measure
Heat gun or hair dryer
Kitchen shears
File/Rasp combination
Drill and 1/2" drill bit
Caulking gun
Clamps Blocks of wood
Scraps of wood for wedges
Miter saw

See Picture

Very cool. Would like to see a picture of it now. How did the strawberries like it?
Unfortunately, at this time of the season, the strawberries are withering. It did fill about twice as much from the image shown here. <br>If you want to see a pic of it a little later, you can check it out here: <br>http://tru-featsandaccomplishments.blogspot.com/2010/07/plantable-plant-stand.html.<br>The strawberry jar did require A LOT of watering, which was accomplished mostly by the rain we got this summer. Unfortunately; I got out of the habit of watering everyday because of all the rain, that when it stopped, my plants began to wither. I did use water crystals in the pot to help, but I think some type of regular irrigation setup would work better.
Yeah, potted plants are like pets... you have to take care of them all the time. I like your strawberry pot and if any strawberry pot should work... yours should!
Awesome! I will make some planters using your Instructable. Thanks!
Thank-you. Good luck with your planters.

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Bio: I like to make things; whether it be out of wood, metal or soft things like fabric, yarn or food.
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