Alright, this is my first instructable so go easy. In retrospect, I should've taken pictures while I was making the costume, but everything is self-explanatory.


-Blue Long Sleeve Shirt-$6 at Walmart
-Blue Sweatpants- $7.50 at Walmart
-Red Single Panel Curtain-$7 at Walmart
-Pack of "Neutral" Felts-$4 dollars(I think) at Walmart
-4 pack of briefs(with red)-$8 dollars at Walmart
-Liquid Stitch or other fabric glue-$3 dollars at Walmart
-Velcro dots-$3 dollars at Walmart
-Red Socks-$5 dollars for two pairs at Walmart
-Reference Pictures-Free

This whole thing took me about two hours total construction time. Most of which was spent on the insignia. The rest was trimming the cape.

Step 1: The Insignia

This is a matter of finding the Superman insignia you like best and copying it.

First, copy the shape of the insignia onto your yellow or gold felt like I did (incorrectly I might add, but its artistic liberty now).

Then, cut the shape out in both the red and yellow(gold) felts by folding the two together and cutting it out, like a Valentine's Day heart for superheroes.

Next, copy the S onto the red felt you have now cut to shape, this includes the borders. Once that is done cut out all of the odd shapes that don't resemble a border or an S. I would suggest using a craft knife or similar tool, but I only used scissors.

After the logo is cut out glue the two together with a liberal amount of Liquid Stitch, don't worry about the mess. This stuff dries clear and wipes off easily.

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