Introduction: How to Make a T-shirt Into a Necklace!

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All you need is an unwanted T-shirt, scissors, and 30 minutes.

Step 1:

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Lay the T-shirt of your selection on a flat surface. nd start off by cutting off the the hem(The bottom part of the shirt).

Step 2:

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Beginning at the bottom of the shirt and working your way up, Cut 1-inch strips to make loop or any width that you want. It just depends on how thick you want your necklace.

Step 3:

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Take the the loops that you just made and strech them out so that is curls in and forms long tubes. If they break in the process of streching it. Dont worry!! Just tie it back together.

Step 4:

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Group all your tubes together keeping your seams together at one end. If some are longer then others keep the longer ones at the bottom and the shorter ones at the top. But make sure you save one of your tubes.

Step 5:

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Cut the tube you saved in half to make it a long string. Tie the string in a knot near one end of the section of seams. Tightly wrap the string around all of the seams to cover them. When everything is smooth and covered, tie off the other end of the string in a knot.

Step 6:

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And when your done it should look something like this!! Well minus the bow, i just thought it was cute(:


foobear (author)2012-02-05

Very interesting. But I'm confused by step 4 and 5, I don't understand how you made that binding there. Do you have a video?

Forn Man (author)2012-02-04

Great instructable! Now I know what to do with all those old tshirts that are too small. Please post this one in the forneysclass group. You get a 100. Congratulations! JF

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