Picture of How to make a TMNT
Scourge of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Oroku Saki is a bad@$$.. don’t lie to yourself. Go ninja, go ninja, go!


-Black shoes

-black pants

-grey fabric

-purple fabric

-black fabric



- black elastic

-2 Black strap handles (can be from a book bag, laptop bag)

-thin elastic (the kind used for wrapping presents)
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Picture of CLOTHES

Put on your black shoes and black pants

TUNIC (Image 1)
  1. Your tunic is basically a tank top. Grab your grey fabric, cut out a tanktop pattern twice (front and back), sew the shoulders and sides and it should be snug (pic A).
LOIN CLOTH (Image 1)
  1. For the loin cloth, cut a black strip of fabric for your waistline. Sew a grey rectangle onto it. If you really want to, you could sew a rectangle on the back side too, but the cape will cover that. I just used a safety pin to close the loin cloth in the back.
Cape (Image 2)
  1. Grab a sheet of purple fabric and just wrap it around yourself. i just took the ends and wrapped them around my neck a few times, and then safety pinned it closed. (pic C)
John IvarV made it!7 months ago

I made this for Halloween. I was playing with my band, so I decided to play the pun "The Shredder Shreds" :P (No bondo though)

Shredder collage 2.jpg
SpicyPandaCreations (author)  John IvarV7 months ago
lol. that is awesome!
kailinv9 months ago

I have an important question!! anyway i can email you?

SpicyPandaCreations (author)  kailinv9 months ago
def! spicypandacreations@gmail.com
sokiboi781 year ago
Awesome BRO!!

Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? made out card boards and tape lol Vote if you like ;-)
SpicyPandaCreations (author) 1 year ago
too kind too kind! congrats on the great build! look forward to seeing how you will incorporate your new found knowledge of bondo. Best wishes!
scotton21 year ago
I made this AWESOME costume in about 4 days, although I recommend at least twice that if you want to do it properly. I had to rush due to making it for a Halloween party. The creator of this guide is the nicest person ever and even helped me out personally for a few days when I was making it! I got so many compliments in just a day! AWESOME STUFF!!!!!
poofrabbit1 year ago
Looks wicked well done!