Picture of How to build a Tank with a Cardboard Box
I am going to show you the steps of how I made my own tank out of a cardboard box, I made it for my little kitten, who can sit inside of it! 

Here's a video I made with this cardboard tank!! 

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Materials you will need:

- A big cardboard box ( depending on the size you want the tank to be)
- Scissors
- Glue


- Epoxy glue
- Pocket knife

Step 2: Cut the Parts and Building it!

Depending on the size, you are going to have to cut it to the size you want!
Here are some of the pictures I have of the shapes I cut and the steps to make it!

I built the tank nozzle (sorry not sure what it's called) in a triangular shape.

Step 3: Finished Tank!

Here are the pictures of my finished tank for my kitten!

Please vote for it in the Toy Challenge 2 & Holiday Gift Challenge & Shop Bot Challenge!!! (if you want) :)
The Shape of the Turret Doesnt Matter Dude.. Coz the Kitten is either gonna Fire Plasma Shots, or Hair-Balls.. Your Choice of Mass Destruction...
Cool might have to make one... but it needs to house 15 pounds of fluff.

"I built the tank nozzle (sorry not sure what it's called) in a triangular shape."'
that would be the Turret...
The turret is the section that spins. The "tank nozzle" is called main gun. Other names: cannon, barrel