Step 3: Finished Tank!

Here are the pictures of my finished tank for my kitten!

Please vote for it in the Toy Challenge 2 & Holiday Gift Challenge & Shop Bot Challenge!!! (if you want) :)
<p>Well done! However, it would have been nice if you had provided more detailed instructions... </p><p>but it dose give me an idea for a design that i will make</p>
<p>I did this for my 1 year old cat ;D</p>
That is so cool
<p>how do you make this</p>
This is atgre for my project on world war 1 tanks
I wonder how many people clicked this ibble just for the cute picture. I know I did!
I sincerely hope that Kevin is not in possesion of this technology! Good gracious!
Paint a kind of Tabby tiger print on it wth the kitten and make a copy of a King Tiger tank and it would all make sense [not to mention be very cute! ;)]
I want to make one but it looks complicated
ur kitten looks like '' why am i doing this?'' soowe cute
Who needs 'badonk-a-donk' when you've got 'kitank-a-tank'?<br>Great job!
SOOOOO getting a vote just for that first picture.
cats are cute<br>
fried chicken isnt tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! firetruck<br>
i like tacos
Tank officer meowington reporting for duty!
The Shape of the Turret Doesnt Matter Dude.. Coz the Kitten is either gonna Fire Plasma Shots, or Hair-Balls.. Your Choice of Mass Destruction... <br>
Had to caption this....
That's so cool!!
That's my new wall paper (the first one) :D
Now, if we could use thumbs-up on things here, that would be really cool! I would definitely thumbs-up this one, as many times as possible!!!
I'm a guy and I don't want to sound weird but the Kitten+Tank is pretty adorable.
this is just to awesome, it looks very easy to make after one try and looks very funny. Your instructable is also very good, who needs text if you have so many picture, you really bypassed the problem with allot of instructables for me, to much text and almost no photos, or some photos and no text, but not enough photos that show everything. This is just very fun and very cool, I really hope you win<br>good luck
The nozzle is the cannon barrel.
I want one!
WAR KITTENS!!<br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kJs9-7zfGs&amp;feature=colike<br>
Cool might have to make one... but it needs to house 15 pounds of fluff.<br><br>&quot;I built the tank nozzle (sorry not sure what it's called) in a triangular shape.&quot;'<br>that would be the Turret...
The turret is the section that spins. The &quot;tank nozzle&quot; is called main gun. Other names: cannon, barrel
So he will rule the world !
Christmas is gone - and again play things and war toys! <br>Shame on you!
Cat war!!! Now it just needs a little helmet. *smirk*<br><br>That is the cuuuutest!!!
Using this instructable, I could have a whole army of cats in tanks! We have looked longingly at the commercial cardboard kitty tank, but $30 seemed awfully steep for a cardboard box. <br> <br>Four paws up!
Awesome! Cheezburgers for all.
SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wonderful! <div id="myEventWatcherDiv" style="display: none;"> &nbsp;</div>
That's exactly what my evil cat needs!<br>
The cat was a nice touch. XD
Could i have permission to use the photo?
Hate cats (nothing personal), like tanks, love cardboard tanks. Rated. Nice work, thanks for sharing. My son will love this.

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