I have always wanted to observe the stars, but the equipment was pretty expensive.Have you been fascinated by the stars in the sky?Did you want to get closer to them?Did you ever want a telescope but it was too expensive?
Well here's your answer to all these questions:-How to make a telescope!!!

Step 1: Parts

These are the essential parts and tools needed
1.2 lenses
2.Hot glue gun
3.Thick Black Paper
4.Black Tape (any kind)
I ended up with a magnification of 3.Remember this is angular magnification so if initial angle of observation is 30 degrees it will become 90 degrees
cool, what kind of magnification did you end up with?
<p>Can you please tell me does the type of lens matters. I mean convex or concave or ...................</p><p>I have mostly focal length within 10 </p>
<p>What if i use 4x instead of 3x?</p>
<p>voc&ecirc; e chato eim garoto!</p><p><br></p>
<p>very good!</p><p><br></p>
<p>What if i use 4x instead of 3x?</p>
<p>What if i use 4x instead of 3x?</p>
<p>What if i use 4x instead of 3x?</p>
<p>What if i use 4x instead of 3x?</p>
<p>What if i use 4x instead of 3x?</p>
<p>What if i use 4x instead of 3x?</p>
<p><strong>We're about to do this I hope we can make it for our science proj. btw, thanks for the info. :)</strong></p>
<p>thank you so much!!! I made this for my science project~</p>
<em>how to beak the magnifying glass to obtain the lens? i can't see the photo here...</em>
<em><strong>how to break the magnifying glass to obtain the lens?</strong></em>
hey...m nt gettng how to fix the lenses...?
<p>Well I used glue</p>
Very great project, I have one question, my lenses have no indication of magnifying power x, can I say that the focal length of the lens is the distance from the lens to the image of the sun? That small hot spot of the sun by the lens.
<p>vry cool</p>
Very nice! <br>
I love the simplicity of this project! Help me understand what a magification of 3 will allow me to see. Can I use this to see the stars, planets, meteorites etc.?
Well you can see the moon and planets.

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Bio: I am 18 years old and love to hack and fix stuff.
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