Picture of How to make a Terminator CPU brain chip from T2.
I was given a glass dome as a present so i wanted to make a little something to go inside it.

i started thinking about small props i could make and i came up with the brain chip from terminator 2.

So here is my instructables on how to make a T2 brain chip.
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Step 1: Research images

Picture of Research images
i did a little google for terminator brain chip and found a couple of images that gave it scale.

Step 2: Materials and tools.

Picture of Materials and tools.
photo 1a.JPG
photo 1b.JPG

-2mm perspex
-1mm brass tube\bar
-spray paint
-solvent glue
-glass dome (optional)

-laser cutter
-lighter or candle

Step 3: Drawing up plans and cutting.

Picture of Drawing up plans and cutting.
I drew up some plans in illustrator by looking at the research pictures to get scale and details.
the width of the chip i worked out to be roughly 25mm and the length is roughly 65mm.

scaling some pictures to this size showed that the total thickness was around 6mm thick.

Then cut the parts parts out of 2mm thick plastic on a laser cutter.

Step 4: Construction and priming.

Picture of Construction and priming.
i glued the correct squares into their correct places and glues them down.

i know that the clear version looks a little shoddy but when its painted up it looks a lot better.

I made two different versions of the brain chip, the damaged chip that they steal from Cyberdyne, and one complete clean version.

i sprayed the chips with a plastic primer.

i made two little port discs, i tried to make them look like the port where the chips are pulled from inside the terminators head.

i painted them with plastic primer as well.

Step 5: Painting.

Picture of Painting.
I gave the two chip bases a coat of metallic silver\grey and the two different chips a coat of gold/brass paint. 

once all the paint has dried i mixed up two different colours of rusty red\brown and painted the darker of the two onto the damaged chip and the lighter, more red, colour onto the complete chip.
donkeyknee2 years ago
Nahual2 years ago
My dad will be so happy.
chaydgb2 years ago
Very nice! That would make a great enclosure for a USB drive.
backwards lamb (author)  chaydgb2 years ago
it would indeed, but i think you would have to scale up the thickness a little as its only 6mm thick at the moment, and a usb port is about 4 or 5 mm so there would be a size issue but it could definitely be done.
i in fact say at the end if i could make it hollow it would be perfect for a usb flash drive.
mycroftxxx2 years ago
That... Is awesome. I really should do some Googling of the Cyberdyne prototype based on the chip.  I've been wanting to make a Mini-ITX computer case based on the prototype ever since I met a guy who works at

(Go, look at their website.  They are developing AI-based surveillance that can be trained to be context-sensitive and "aware" of what it's looking at.  I don't actually think they're making Skynet, but if I wanted to make it in real life, these are the people I would start with.)
Pointy2 years ago
Did you encounter crazing when you glued the plexi components?
I'm currently working on a project which utilizes laser cut plexiglas panels.
One thing I ran into was crazing, after gluing the parts together.
(Crazing is small cracks that develop after applying the solvent glue.)
backwards lamb (author)  Pointy2 years ago
erm.. im not sure i have, ive been using perspex acrylic and solvent glue for work for around 6 or 7 years.

ive not seen cracks ive seen little bubbles or glue marks and smears, ive not had cracking or Crazing.

i will look out for it next time i glue it..
Aleator7772 years ago
As a huge Terminator fan, this really made me happy! Great work!
mikeasaurus2 years ago
When Skynet becomes self aware and starts systematically destroying us all, I'm holding you responsible.
XD hah
zombiemom422 years ago
could you send me the drawings so i could cut itout myself?
It almost looks like someone took a bite out of a chocolate bar USB drive.
Great job! I really like the end result.