Introduction: How to Make a Thaumatrope

Tutorial to make a simple horizontal thaumatrope (please excuse my bad english)
1. Take a simple image, then select group with a circle or square and save;
2. Copy to paint (or other graphic software), erase part of the image and save. Repeat and erase the other part. Save;
3. Make a line and align the images. Rotate one 180;
4. Print, cut and use the line for guide to glue. paint, make holes and put ribbon or string.
5. You`re done. make more :)
6. To more projects go to


MFJones (author)2011-10-06

We just did these in my class - my kids loved them! Thanks for the video!

GenteDeMassinha (author)MFJones2011-10-06

WOW!!! Thank you :)

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