Picture of How to make a Transformers:

My girlfriend and I wanted to do a couples costume within our Transformers cosplay group, so we decided on Arcee and Hotrod. Arcee is one of the few female characters in the Transformer Universe. No wonder the Transformers were always fighting!


-white Zeta Suit

-white craft foam

-pink Craft foam

-lots of cardboard

-lots of hot glue

-reflective colored sunglasses

-double sided velcro

-high heels

-PVC pipe


-4 elbow PVC joints

-4 t joint pvc pipes

- comic cardboard


- hot glue gun pad

-masking tape



Step 1: Chest

Picture of Chest

Start by making the front of the chest piece out of cardboard. Arcee is a girl, so she has a bust. (pic 1)

I added a neck protector and also a “rib cage” (pic 2)

From there, i made a little grate in the front of the rib cage. measure and cut out the section. you can even use the cardboard from the section you cut out. (pic 3)

Any details that you want to add, you can do so at this time. i added some details to the collar. (pic 4)

Now make the back part. It does not have to be fancy, but something that works well to the front. Now that you have a front and back piece, you can attach them together with velcro.

Arcee also has a little grate on the back of the chest piece (Pic 5)


Pretty smokin awesome! ;D

thank you!

Welcome! I think it is funny when you said, "Arcee is a girl, so she has a bust." I don't know why that struck me funny! XD

lol. gotta make room for the ladies =)

Lol yes. ;D

Do you have a way I can contact you

sure. contact me via spicypandacreations@gmail.com.

So i have decided to do sound wave but can I use foam like the ones they use for projects

Can you elaborate on your question a little more? i am confused.. are you wanting to use foam instead of cardboard? and if so, what foam (craft foam, EVA foam, etc).. You can try to use foam, BUT i think it would be a little heavier, warmer, and it may not necessarily retain its shape as well? But then again, there is only one way to find out! =)

Hi I am going to do this project for Halloween but I was wondering which one of the transformers is easier for beginners

hi! hmm... gosh.. that's a tough call.. all of the builds are challenging in their own sense.. stay away from devastator and starscream for sure. i honestly may say go with either Jazz or soundwave? they are pretty much variations of squares. Feel free to get in contact if you need help =)

rheroux1 year ago
"bleeping" AWESOME! Thats all there is to say!
SpicyPandaCreations (author)  rheroux1 year ago

lol. thank you =)

Wow, I just went through and looked at all the Transformer costumes you made and I'm totally blown away! They are incredible! And they look awesome all together!

Thank you! it was a labor of love and was just a great experience for everyone who participated! part of me wishes that i had more opportunities to build people new Transformer suits.