This is a very simple trick pumpkin that gets great results.  It's cheap, easy, and very effective.   The build is easy enough that even kids can do it and the trick is so reliable that even small children can scare the pants off adults.   It works so well because everyone has seen one of these plastic pumpkins before and they're primed to reach right at the opening -- usually with candy!

I made one last year and took it around with my kids trick-or-treating.  I'm an adult so many people answering the door looked at me suspiciously when I held out my "pumpkin".  I just pretended to be collecting candy for my "other kid, sick at home".  Even with suspicion raised, the trick worked great and I got invited into several parties.  We 'test drove' the pumpkin at the annual Pumpkin Festival in Hartsburg, MO.   Here's some of the reactions we got in broad daylight.

Step 1: Gather the Parts

Not much to this really.  You'll need a pumpkin, of course.  You probably have one lying around but you can buy them for about a dollar at any place that sells Halloween supplies.  The best one to use is the absolutely most common one available.  Orange, plastic jack-o-lantern.  The one everyone has seen a million times.  You don't want your victim studying your pumpkin at all.

You'll need a pair of gloves that you can sacrifice.  You're going to cut a big hole in one so don't use anything nice or expensive.  I found a cheap 3-pack of cloth gloves for less than a dollar at one of the depot stores.  

A couple of plastic grocery bags for stuffing material.

For tools, you'll need a utility knife a hot-glue gun, and a pair of scissors.  A compass is handy for marking the cutout but you can make due without.  
I think this instructible is great made it and used it at Halloween scared a lot of people <br>brilliant work
Would have loved to have seen the video taken from at least one shot from the perspective of the victim. It is classic to see the victim's face, but it leaves us wondering what they saw. Great idea though, thanks gotta try it.
this is really cool! Im going to make it this Halloween
HA HA HA I like the little girls reaction and what a good way to prank someone
I did something like this but with a box. Be sure to tell them to put the candy in then spring your hand out as they put it in, scares the crap out of them!!<br>
Fun, fun, fun!!! Thanks for sharing!
Love this idea.<br />Kids can totally turn the tables on the adults this Halloween!

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