How to Make a Tron/Rave Helmet!





Introduction: How to Make a Tron/Rave Helmet!

i started this about a month ago. i wanted to make a cool helmet, something LIKE tron but not exactly, and i think i was successful. 

i had ALOT of problems with this and still do just because i made alot of errors by trying to do different things with it. 

i messed too much with my helmet so my paint looks crappy and the blue light got all messed up. so i decided im going to make Vacuum form molds of my helmet so i can make different kinds, and not have my "paint problem". and i just need to but another blue light.


cardstock paper- 10$(depending where you buy it) 
fiber glass- 10$
bondo- 10$
paint- 5$
brushes(for fiberglass)- 3$ 
battery pack&light- 15$   <---optional 

Step 1: Finding the Right Pepakura File

Helmet File:

once you have the right file. print it and cut out the peaces (i will not show how to scale, ect. because there's tutorials on that.)

then buy yourself a foam head, the one i bought(the detaild version) was about 15$
and i also made a cheap stand to be able to set the foam head.

*********I DID NOT MAKE THIS VIDEO*********
pepakura video:

Step 2: Making the Paper Helmet

from this point on its self explanatory.  just start putting the paper peaces together until they form the paper helmet. 

i used superglue because its less painful than hotglue and it dries faster.

Step 3: Fiberglass & Bondo

the captions on the pictures will mainly explain it.


how to fiberglass video:
how to Bondo video:

i also used what is known as "Red Cap" its used to cap deformities on a surface, i have NO idea where my father baught this from but you really dont need it. 

Step 4: Test Paint & Cut Out

again, the captions explain most of this.

but to test how smooth the helmet was i used some cheap spray-paint we had to see how smooth it looked.

****NOTE: i started with low 150 grit to make it round and smooth, then i went to a higher 1000 grit to make it perfectly smooth!***  


how to paint video:

Step 5: Attachments and Such

i bought this cool tron blue light from:

this stuff is really cool to use in projects. 

Step 6: FINAL

i got a little bit of Velcro to attach to the circle so i could take on and off the light incase something went wrong.

this helmet is perfect for just about anything. for i rave i would add more cool lights onto it so you can attract alot of attention! 

with my plastic ones  im going to add other cool things, one will be military like with intakes and a Halo like Visor for Paintballand it will have a bluetooth for communication! , the other will be for nighttime use it will have a laser pointer, voice morpher, and a punch of other cool stuff. 

im planning on making another version but way more high tech, this one will not have a way to see outside, instead it will have several cameras, and inside the helmet there will be several small screens that will show infared, video record, heat signature, and normal view.

ill keep you guys posted with the things i end up doing!


well, the blue light broke down, the paint was messed up, and some cracks were showing.


now......its a MSG/HALO MIX

i still need to add battle dmg, 2 eyehole peaces

the "antenna" is actually a broken rc helicopter. i modified it a bit. 



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    I see you finished the deadmau5 helmet!

    I now have a Deviant Art, here is the link to my Helmet Base 2.0 With the download link of the PEP File

    1 reply

    the large is to see people to my sides, in order to see in front of me i drilled a smaller hole to give me better vision. its still difficult to see so i plan on cutting out a visor when i get the tools


    what's the file name? I'm sure we can find it if we look hard enough

    1 reply

    its a Kamen Rider Helmet.

    i just printed out the Main Helmet, not the other pieces.

    so my guess is that you were modeling this off of the Cyborg Ninja from Metal Gear Solid, am I right?

    1 reply

    haha yea man, i tried to do my own thing but it didnt go as planned.

    its best to make a sculpture and then make replicas from it because your cant really do much with bondo and fiberglass.

    You said too much too much.

    I was about to ask the same thing but you beat me to it. The helmet looks pretty cool but it doesnt look like you can see anything while wearing it.

    actually you can, im already used to wearing it, but since the hole is so close to your face, you can't see anything thats infront of you, only to the sides. its like putting your finger infront of your nose.

    on my other helmets im going to fix this by adding a visor like in the Halo Helmets.