Picture of How to make a Turkey Baster
If you need an turkey baster (i'm portuguese so here we call him "conta gotas")

This is only my second instructables, it isn't very good....

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You only need a X-ato,
a straw(I think it isn't the name) and a
Water baloon.

Step 2: Cut the straw

Picture of Cut the straw
See the image!

Step 3: Construct it!

Picture of Construct it!
Put it like the images,
to use it, you need to press in the water baloon and the water will came up!!

I pay you 10 $ if you kiss your elbow,just kidding
: / ... uhh.. umm. there are no words to describe this.
lemonie8 years ago
How well would this stand up to heat?

As an aside, I have a friend who will say of women "I'd do her." Hence the title "How to do a Turkey Baster" raises a smile (change to make?)