When I decided to ask my wife to marry me, I started looking for the perfect ring. My sister pointed me to http://www.goldenknots.com/. The rings featured there are Turk's head knots made by Loren Damewood. They are beautiful but I wanted a ring with a diamond. I really liked the Turk's head idea, though, as knot tying is a hobby of mine. It occurred to me, that I could make the ring and that would make it all the more special. My knot hobby at that point consisted mostly of writing programs to generate instructions for how to tie knots, rather than actually tying them, but I had tied a few, so I gave it a shot. After many months of learning and experimenting, I was able to create the ring above. In this instructable, I'll go through the steps that I took to make it! I want to stress that I'm not a jeweler, and this is the only real piece of jewelry that I've made by hand. You could count the 20 or so practice rings that I made while I was figuring how I wanted the ring to look, but if you're going to tackle this project, I think you're going to have to do the same. It definitely takes practice, patience and some experimenting!

I'll start by explaining how to tie the band in steps 1-7. It will take practice to get it right, so once you've mastered those steps, we'll move on to tying the basket which will surround the diamond and how to weave that in with the band. Then finally, I'll show you how to reinforce the knot with a 3D printed gold band, which the diamond setting will also be attached to.

Step 1: What You'll Need

1. A print out of the knot we're going to tie. I'll show you how to get this in the next step.

2. Any kind of clear tape.

3. 3/64" drill bit. The hardware stores I checked only stocked bits down to 1/8". You can find these on amazon: http://amzn.to/10WJtLf

4. Wire cutters.

5. Jewelry pliers. These are needle nose pliers with round tips.

6. Ring sizer. Any local craft store should have one of these. This actually isn't absolutely necessary, but it can be handy.

7. Wire. I used 28 gauge, 18K dead soft gold wire. Make sure you get dead soft wire, or you'll be surprised how stiff it is! To practice you'll want to pick up some beading wire from your local craft store. I experimented with many different gauges ranging from 20 down to 32. 32 was a bit too tiny for my taste, and 24 and above makes for pretty rings without needing any reinforcement (you'll notice a gold band reinforcing the ring I made). Make sure to get plenty of practice before moving to gold wire, which you can find on etsy. Many of pictures I'll show will be of the beading wire. I was pretty focused when I was using real gold wire and didn't take many pictures.

8. T-pins. You can pick these up at any office supply store or steal them from work like I did.

9. A drill or dremel. If you use a drill you may need a chuck to fit your 3/64" bit. I got mine on amazon: http://amzn.to/14WVnIa

10. A hammer, this is only necessary if you get the ring stretcher that requires it (see #12).

11. A small diameter dowel. Anything 1/8" diameter or below. A skewer or strong toothpick would work. We'll use it to tie the basket around.

12. A ring stretcher. Again, amazon is great: http://amzn.to/1adGUsy

13. A pool cue. Get the cheapest one you can find. I went to a local billiards store and asked the owner for a cheap cue that I wouldn't even be using to play pool and he went in the back and came out with this. He didn't even charge me.

<p>Really romantic and beautiful</p>
<p>Its beneficial</p>
<p>What size carat diamond did you use for setting in the ring?</p>
<p>This is so beautiful! </p>
<p>Hi Jallwine--your ring design is amazing! I was wondering if you could clarify two things in your instructions:</p><p>1) How do I know what range of ring sizes I am making when I print out the template?</p><p>2) How is the ring setting integrated into the ring itself? Is it attached to the reinforcement band or just to the basket?</p><p>Thanks so much! Again, amazing ring!</p>
Thanks akaruko!<br><br>1) when making up a template the knot's circumference (and diameter) are shown at the bottom. You can match that up to a ring sizing chart to know where you're starting. It's been a while since I've tied one, but I think it can stretch a couple sizes.<br><br>2) the setting is attached to the reinforcing band. In my case, the jeweler melted through the center crossing that the basket was woven around.
The ring is top notch,gives new meaning to tying the knot.If you dont mind my asking,were you going to replace the stone in your grandmother's necklace,or just keep it as is as a reminder of how the ring came to be?The necklace is awesome also,and I dont know the size of the stone,but one could get a nice ruby or something along those lines,and the necklace would be ready to wear.Good job,and good luck with the app also.
I think the other diamonds in the necklace were used by other family members. I'm not sure what happened to the rest of it.
How much did the reinforcement band cost? I'm looking to make one for my boyfriend, one without the diamond.
I think the jeweler charged me around $950 for everything. At the time, I didn't know exactly how the reinforcement band would even work, so they designed that, assembled everything as well as set the diamond. And I put a rush on it once I had a proposal date in mind. I'm not sure how it was broken down. I would recommend talking to a jeweler to get a quote. I'm sure you could get a much better deal if you shop around and know exactly what you're looking for. I just uploaded the example models of the reinforcement band to Kraftwurx to get a quote for 10K gold and it comes to about $250. Having a jeweler simply attach the two pieces would probably be less than $100 (just a guess, though).
Jalwine I'm having difficulty printing the template. Is the actual printed size 1.86 inches x .283 inches?
Sorry, thought you were referring to the actually 3d printed model in a later step. Yes, those are the correct dimensions of the knot grid image when printed out. Just make sure you're printing at 300 dpi.
That sounds awfully big, but I never actually printed it myself (I just created it for demonstration purposes). I may have doubled the diameter of the ring. I'll take a look and upload a new one if its wrong.
Where can I find this app?
I just released the first version of the app last week. It's desktop only for now and is very basic. You can check it out here: http://knots.freakinsweetapps.com <br><br>I'm working on getting a mobile version out soon.
nice macro photagraphy skills!!! Love the ring!! although i personally like to keep thinks simple.... (very).... but jolly good job on the ring! bet the reciever was very glad.
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it! A 3D printer is going to be huge for my current project.
I knew you would win! Congratulations!!!
Congratulations!! The ring is amazing! Nice work!
Congratulations on winning grand prize!!!
Congratulations!! for the Grand Prize...3D Printer Whoaaa :[)
Thank you!!
Wonderful work. Good luck with the contest!
Thanks, you too!
Holy cow... I've tied that knot in paracord and while I'm a newbie still, just that was hard enough... I can't imagine doing it with wire. Or I can, but I can't imagine myself doing it this cleanly in only 20 tries. The ring is absolutely gorgeous, and the idea of making your own engagement ring... Wow. I thought I knew my perfect ring, but a hand-made one? Not only did I never think of that, but that shows such passion <br>Once again, WOW.
I would never make one, but it sure is very very cool looking. thanks fer posting
Beautiful! <br>I'll vote on you ;) <br>check my contest entry <br> <br>cheers!
that is gorgeous!
I've tied a few turks head rings in sterling silver, but this is beautifully done. I like the basket for the diamond, gives me some ideas. Got my vote.
I LOVE making turks head rings. I worked at a zoo and had the keepers bring me shed giraffe tail hairs and would make rings out of that. I hadn't even considered making it from wire! what a great idea to add the basket for settings!
Cool! Do you have any pictures of your giraffe tail rings? That sounds very unique!
Just beautiful, and very well done! I can't imagine how much your wife loved all the time, effort, and love that went into this breathtaking ring.
This is absolutely <strong><em>BEAUTIFUL!!!! </em></strong>voting for all!...knot making is going to be one of my new hobbies... :-)<br> any idea where I can start??<br> following to see your knot tutorials!<br> <br> best to you and your wife..may you have a good life in this world and the hear-after :-)<br> <br>
Thanks shazni! I'd say the 5 part 4 bight knot in step 8 is a good place to start with Turk's heads.&nbsp;<a href="http://khww.net" rel="nofollow">http://khww.net</a>&nbsp;is a great site with an active forum for all things knot related (khww stands for Knot Heads World Wide). This is a great book for decorative knots:&nbsp;<a href="http://amzn.to/1awxJ9x" rel="nofollow">http://amzn.to/1awxJ9x</a>.
Thanks for sharing. You have a very lucky wife.
Seriously, I am stunned with the end result! You got my vote! Have been playing with the idea of giving it a try in making jewelry, this instructable surely pushes in the right direction! <br> <br>Were you already married or did you propose with this ring? I doubt she would even dare so no ;)
I proposed with this ring. We've been married for about a year and a half now :)
awesome :)
Great.. Girlfriend's gonna love it.
Seriously, the ring you made for your now wife is so beautiful and heartfelt! I'm glad the instructions aren't for the exact version of you wife's ring; it's nice to have something unique. ;) <br><br>Great 'ible! It's funny because I was just thinking about knot tying right before I saw this. <br><br>I definitely voted for you for the Jewelry &amp; 3D contest. <br><br>Thanks for the lovely instructable.
Well, the best part about it is even if someone tied the same knot it wouldn't make the one I made any less unique :) It's all about the process. I kept all the practice rings I made and my wife put together a shadow box with them all in it. We love it! Anyway, thanks for the vote, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I'm a chainmailler and I've actually met Loren when I took a class with him. We tied a ring, as well as a cuff bracelet. Loren's work is incredible and you did an absolutely beautiful job with your wife's ring. No one else will ever have anything like it. Congratulations.
This is beautiful
Very, very well done on the ring, and a marvellous instructable. Thank you for sharing this!
Those are just gorgeous that's some definite skill you have developed. You could probably make a few pennies selling those in the right markets, especially if you were willing to do custom ones!
Gorgeous and stunning! Thanks for sharing your hard work! I wish you the best in the contest! Have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
I love this Inst. and admire the amount of effort to get the finished ring. I would be proud to have a ring like this and can imagine it with a Brandy or lighter Whiskey (brown) diamond, even a Topaz. Georgeous. Way outside my league.
I have never posted before, all I can say is wow. This I want to try

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