Picture of How to make a Twisted Pearl Necklace
This is a fun and unique statement necklace that is relatively easy to make. I made it over the course of  a few days but if you have a chunk of time to work, it shouldn't take you more than a couple hours. This is a good necklace to wear everyday or to a party, for a classic look with an edgy twist!

Step 1: Your tools

Picture of your tools
you will need:
bead stringing wire (I used Beadalon® .015 inch 7 strand satin silver)
jump rings (2 for each strand, and 2 big ones [optional])
ribbon (your choice of color)
your choice of pearls or beads etc (enough to make several strands i made 7-8ish)
needle (which isn't in the picture)
Thread the same color is the ribbon (also not in the picture)
newfrogz1 year ago
nice and easy
theCharelse (author) 2 years ago
thanks notconor and other strangers!
NotConor2 years ago
What a fabulous project from a person on the internet that I definitely do not know.
Absolutely amazing! What creativity this young woman has!
ajosie1232 years ago
i like this a lot! I'd like to try it someday!
casperltc2 years ago
Lovely idea! :)