For U:
- Two 90 degree angles
- Two 10 inch PVC Pipe
- One 8 inch PVC Pipe

For R:
- Three 90 degree angles
- One 45 degree angle
- Two T
- Three 8 inch PVC Pipe
- Two 6 inch PVC Pipe
- Two 4 inch PVC Pipe

Step 1: Creating The U

1) First you want to grab the 10 inch PVC Pipe and connect in to a 90 degree side outlet

2) Next you connect an 8 inch PVC pipe to the 90 degree angle to create an L shape 

3) Then, connect another 90 degree side outlet to the 8 inch PVC pipe

4) Lastly, connect the final 10 inch PVC pipe to the 90 degree side outlet to create a U shape

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