How to make a USB Fan (cara membuat Kipas angin USB)

Picture of How to make a USB Fan (cara membuat Kipas angin USB)
Item Need :
1.Motor Dc
2. Pipe PVC 10 cm
3. USB Cable
4. 2 unit CD
5. Cork
6. Super Glue
7. Scissors
8. Toothpick
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Step 1: Step 1

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1. Make 8 lines on CD, and then cut matching pattern

Step 2: Step 2

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Step 3: Step 3

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Step 4: Step 4

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Step 5: Step 5

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Cut wire green and white. Use wire RED and BLACK
Black GND(ground)

Step 6: Step 6

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Step 7: Step 7

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Step 8: Step 8

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8. Put The fan to Motor DC

Step 9: Finish

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9. Put the USB to Computer , and Finish
DarkModo091 year ago
i'snt dangerous to connect a DC Motor to a PC Power Supply?
Irhash furqan (author)  DarkModo091 year ago
I using usb, not a PC Power Supply.
USB just 5v, PC Power Supply +12v