In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a USB-Powered rumble pack. I will be entering this in the USB Contest, so vote if you like this! And people, please, please rate. C'mon... I know that I can get more that 1 rating...


1- Old, broken, or damaged GameCube controller
1- Phillips-headed screwdriver
1- USB cord (I got one at Good Will for 99 cents)
1- (Optional) Roll of electrical tape or electrical glue
1- Computer
1- Awesome person (that's you!)

Now let's get this party started!

Step 1: The Controller

Now, on the back of the controller, there should be several screws. Un-screw them and take the controler apart. You may have to push or pull on the R and L buttons.
Even better! You could take one of those cordless mouses and make the USB from that send random input to the computer!
could you do a program that makes it spin for exemple for 5 secs evry hour? <br>
ill probably make one with a little switch so when its plugged in it dosnt have to rumble... they are like 1$ at radioshack and im fairly sure i have one of these at home. <br><br>thanks for the idea
Does it work? I mean if I have a n64 emulator in my computer?
All it does it rumble whenever its plugged it, but you could probably modify it to work with games.

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