How to Make a USB Fan





Introduction: How to Make a USB Fan

Hello everyone this instructable is fun to make.
I made it in about 2 minuts.
But there is not enough power from the USB port so the fan spins fast but not fast enough.
sorry about that but it produces enough thrust to move a piece of 4mmX4mm paper.
I used some images from the web because i couldn't take the right photos. 

Step 1: Get the Parts and Tools

you will need:
1 brushless fan
1 USB cord
soldering iron
sticky tape
2 paper clips

Step 2: Putting It Together

here you will be putting it together
1-connect the wires from the fan to the USB cord.solder or twist
2-wrap the tape around the connections to stop short circuts.
3-bend the paper clips to form legs and screw them in place.

Step 3: Testing

warning it might blow up your computer if not built propely.

just joking :-)



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    well its obvious which pictures were from the internet

    My god you gave me a heart attack before you said just kidding

    5 volt fans are on sell online :)

    Here's my question - A 5 volt fan would draw enough power from a standard USB port. However, will the 5 volt fan be able to draw a similar amount of power from a USB hub? Probably yes, you would think, if the hub were running on AC power. So, would two 5 volt fans draw 5 volts each from a two port USB-powered USB hub?

    Undortunately...old pc fans are 12v...atleast what i found

    i know, but i have heard of a dc step up transformer so you could use one of those for the power

    its best to try and find one of the 5v fans ;) (not sure there are many any more tho )

    yeh, if you find one let me know

    try cpu fans from old laptops

    Ya using a old laptop fan is really usefull i used it and got nice results it is better if u use or recycle a old laptop, PS2 or computer fan .