Introduction: How to Make a USB to Light Up an LED Using Bare Conductive Paint Pen

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What you need:

Bare Paint Pen
USB port

Heat Gun (if you’re impatient)
Hot glue gun (if you don’t have thick cardboard)

Step 1:

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Take a piece of cardboard large enough to draw 2 lines 12 mm wide and 75 mm long.

Step 2:

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Draw two lines about 70 mm long 5 mm apart starting at the edge of your cardboard.

Step 3:

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Paint over the these lines with the Bare conductive paint pens making each line about 1 mm thick making sure they do not touch

Step 4:

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Cut the cardboard out so it is thick enough to fit snuggly in your USB port (or hot glue several pieces of cardboard together) and about 75 mm long.  **Check to make sure that it fits into your port.

Step 5:

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Put the LED on top of the two lines and put more Bare paint to “glue” it down.

Step 6:

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Wait 10-15 minutes for the paint to dry or use a Heat gun until the paint is no longer tacky. Be cautious that the paint will expand when heated.

Step 7:

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Insert your LED/cardboard USB into your port and watch it light up!!


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