Picture of How to make a Victorian/Steampunk 4 Gore Underskirt
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Sometimes these patterns can be a bit tricky so I've made this instructable
so you can see in a more visual way how to put it together

Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
4 2/3 yards of silk or taffeta fabric
Dritz tracing wax paper (get the vintage stuff it's Waaaay better)
3-4 spools of thread
Ruffle foot for your sewing machine
Sewing Machine
Serger (optional)
Truly Victorian 4 gore underskirt pattern TV261
Roll wheel
kwickster2 years ago
So after this awesome costume is made where do we get a cute girl like this one to put it on?
That is beautiful! I have been wanting to make a skirt like that too!