Step 1: Well, More of a Head Cold Then a Virus...

Actually I made  this video about a year before youtube was really even around,
a friend of mine had a very sick dog, and she was taking care of him, and telecommuting to work
and was kinda depressed, so I made silly videos using my web cam (mostly lip syncing songs)

I showed some of them to my best friend and he said "Hey where is your production value"
so I rose to the challenge with THIS one.

Step 2: How I Did It

This was a two take webcam project.
The first time, I did it with no make up on (my makeup btw was zinc oxyide)
and it didn't look "crazed" enough, take two I ate like 4 pieces of lemon candy
smeared my face with zinc oxide and the look is PERFECT

I used a Apple Webcam and a LED Lamp.
I was wearing a dark blue shirt, and shut off all the lights in my room.
I was in a computer chair, and to "fade in and fade out" all I did was sit forward (toward the light)
or sit backwards (away from the light) - It gave a great effect!

Step 3: I Heard You Laugh, I Saw You Laugh!

This was a Happy accident.

All my post production work was done in iMovie (macintosh) and I overlaid the words
but I wrote the wrong lyrics, and when I tried to correct it, it overlapped the first set of lyrics
but when I looked at it, it fit the video PERFECTLY!

Step 4: Trivia and Easter Eggs

In the video I never blink, I have the Lemon candy in my mouth, I flub a word.

the whole project took less then a hour.

It so far has had 26,000 views on youtube.

The lip-sync' is pretty good.<br /> &nbsp;(<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RCie2jiYQc" rel="nofollow">Drink 'till I die</a> - a lot of fiddling with video clips...)<br /> <br /> L<br />

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