This is my simple but very very very very very time consuming Weighted Companion cube tutorial!

I designed and made it myself so it took around 50 -60 hours!

It wasn't very difficult, however if it is your first time doing cross stitching then I'd recommend this tutorial video here!

It helped me so much to get started :)

Step 1: Print the Pattern :)


It's pretty much just the pieces I traced. So it should be the same size, or you can shrink it to make a mini cube! The 6 large squares are pretty easy to work out so I left it out. Also the pink strips do not have a template as they are sewn directly onto the large squares. It's easy to work out from the pictures :) Or check out my YouTube video on this tutorial!

Check that out HERE :)

Awesome! Looks really cool, good work! :)
<p>Thanks! Also I love your Skyrim Helmet! (voted ;D)</p>
Aw thank you, I appreciate that! I voted for you too in the game contest! :)
<p>Yay Plastic Canvas! This looks amazing!</p>
<p>Thanks! :3 This makes me so happy</p>
<p>This looks amazing! </p>

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