I made this bird feeder because I didn't want to drill any holes into the building where I live, so this just plops in place in the window sill and is good to go. It will work in any modern window.

Step 1: Gather needed items

Picture of Gather needed items
1-Frame--I used an old screen print frame, but I bet any old frame would work.
2-Mesh or Screen--for bottom of tray, something permeable, but that seed won't fall through
3-1/2" or 3/4" piece of wood the same length of the longest side of the frame you chose
4-L-shaped fastener with screws
5-Long nails or Screws, a hammer, and a drill if you have one
6-Bird seed

Screw the L-shaped fastener onto the wood plank as pictured, so that it will latch over the lip of the window sill. Screw another one to the other side of the wood plank.
bcavaciuti1 year ago

Cool idea...wont work with my window but oh well...you could glue polystryrene to the bottom of the window, maybe washed pizza bases as polystyrene is a very good insulator and is flexible so it should create an air tight seal. It is also easier to hide and thus better looking than tape.

This is fantastic, and precisely what I was looking for to use at our new apartment. Thanks for posting!