Well, this is my first instructable, so it's not perfect. Another thing: sorry for my bad english .

-What are we going to make?
-A private server, on that you (only you!) can play.

-What are we going to make NOT?
-A pirate server, that causes commercial trouble for the game's developers (Blizzard)!

Step 1: Programs

Allright, let us begin:

You have to download a program: AC Web Ultimate Repack 7.7 [link]

And you need the .Net framework 2.0 (you can download that by Microsoft, it's free)

OK, once you downloaded the program, install it (to the the default directory, or the server won't work!!!)

You are ready for the next step!
This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!
Hey, this is a great instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... pictures! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider taking some photographs. Once you do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks! Thanks for the cool instructable and we hope to publish this soon!
<p>I am looking for some help on making a private server, I have some major changes I would like to make, to get away from a gear base game play and give the players more options, of game play. Using the WOD platform, spells, as well as some of the rich story lines, but use them in a way the is more fitting to the players game play, I would love to go over some details, with you if you have the time. Everything from new professions to new PvP, options in game play.</p><p>I had a lawyer go over the World of warcraft contract, I was told as long as you do not charge people to play your private server you will have no law suits put on you. This means you can charge for mounts, gold, gear, raw mats, and any other thing you would like to charge for, in my make up of the private server I would like to get away from pay to win, and go for a pay to get more XP% per kill up to certain Tiers of spells. Please contact me if you would like to help me create this new wow private server.</p>
<p>Hey, my name is Richard :) I'm looking for a person that would like to create a dedicated non pay2win server! I have some great ideas for new professions and factions! I'll wait for your answer!</p>
<p>Send a mail to rickardkarlsson0@gmail.com</p>
<p>I would do it, the only thing i would charge people for is certain mounts. i would have no instant max levels and probably have it in cataclysm. it would be cool to make my own expansion. would need a team of people to work on that though</p>
<p>Ye, I could work on it, im not a programmer but I have tons of ideas and im very good at moderating!</p>
<p>Contact me on <a href="mailto:Happycrackmonkey@aol.com" rel="nofollow">Happycrackmonkey@aol.com</a> if you would like to help work on this project or just want to hear of the changes.</p>
<p>If you are looking to play on a WoW 4.3.4 Cataclysm server like:</p><p>http://www.elune-gaming.com/</p><p>That is instant 85 and offers great PvP &amp; PvE</p>
<p>Visit wowbb.org if you would like scripts/tutorials and help with making private servers.</p>
<p>Is it possible to add bots to the server?...</p>
<p>hi. im kinda hoping you could help me out, port 3306 is already in use, how will i unbind it to make it available again?</p>
<p>please i need help may wow goes connect and then it stops it does not freez but it stops,and i have edited realmlist to help please</p>
<p>hi there i have a problem with mysql when i start the server it tells me that it can't find</p><p>ac repack\server\mysql\share \english\errmsg.sys. but if i go to the directory the file is there can any one please help</p>
Ok so I did everything like it said, but when I try to login with 'admin/admin' it says &quot;Unable to validate game version. This may be caused by file corruption or the interference of another program.&quot; I've got my firewall off. Plzz help.
Hey guys. come join Devil Hills WoW. its a good classic WoW server. <br>if you are interested go to <br>http://devilhillswow.weebly.com/ <br>Come on guys give the newbies a chance. we've also got a poll. be sure to vote our server there. <br>
Is this the newest version and way to do this, or is this it? Just curious if this has been updated recently and is easier to do? Thanks!
i didn't find the link media fire says the folder is deleted <br>
I have foolow All tHe steps Nd Its Done But THERE is A Problem Whene I entered User &amp; pass it Shows The Version Of Game Can't Verify <br>If Any Have Solution Tell Me.... <br>Thx In Advance.. :)
I can't login, I enter admin/admin, and then it says that it is not a battle.net account, I even made an additional admin account, and it could not login either. what did I do wrong? <br>
your guide is very good! but i have one problem, when i run Ad.Exe the Commandthing opens and closes in 0.01 sec, i've been able to read ( by holding enter so i spam open the window ) and it says ( i think ) <br /> <br /> '' could not find Data/common.mpq-2 ''<br /> do you know what that means ?&nbsp;:O
Try collecting the mapdata again. It should solve your problem, if not, you have to reinstall wow.<br />
I have installed WoW three times now. Each time I use the &quot;ad.exe&quot; file, the black tab appears flashes an error, and then crashes. What should I do?
Yeah, mine does the same thing.<br /> I took a screen shot of it, and found that this program only works for versions 3.0.0 and above.<br /> Meaning, you most likely need WOTLK.<br /> I only have to TBC, so, now I need to go and buy WOTLK so that this will work.<br /> This is mainly because the file Data/common.MPQ-2 cannot be found in my version of WoW, so the program is terminating itself.<br /> If you have TBC, then yeah, you'll need WOTLK.<br /> If you have WOTLK, then maybe you need to update it a bit?<br /> I'm not sure.<br /> Hope this helped. :D
mysql isnt working on my computer (thats what it says). Anyone know how to fix that problem? Any help would be appreciated.
Make sure you have not moved your AC web file from where you originaly downloaded it o because then the file path from your AC control panel will not be able to find it and it will say Mysql unable to start. <br />
Ok, I got everything done just fine. When i log into wow it comes up with my realm, only when i select it i get disconnected. Now i have turned my firewall off. i do not use a router as i have Verion Mifi. Can any1 tell me how i can fix this i have read the other comments but they are too scattered to tell who is replying to who. Please email me if you can help jrclayt@gmail.com
So, i'm not sure if it's wrong, i haven't let it actually complete, but i let it run for a full day straight, i didn't screen what it was at, but it keeps saying &quot;Creating output file maps/map_22673336.bin over and over, each time 0 of (more and more) tiles are available, is this usual?
Everyone should definately check out Finnish-WoW!<br><br>Best Private Server ever, <br><br>http://finnish-wow.fi<br><br>It is Burning Crusade server (2.4.3 patch)
My server is red name is red and it instantly disconnects me when i try to log in? any ideas what to do?<br>
please can you make me a server i cant the link does not work
just look up on google &quot;AC Web Ultimate Repack 7.7&quot; and you will come up with a simmilar link
I can log in successfully, and when I double click my server it just says &quot;You have been disconnected from the server&quot;. Please help me, I don't know what else to do.
derectly when i press on my server i got dc can some1 help???<br><br>plz
if u did it right like me it works 100% thxs dude ill be sure to recommend u on my site and youtube
i get to select realm screen and when i click on it, i get disconnected from server can anyone help <br>
I'm assured that this DOES NOT work for 3.3.5. I had problems with &quot;Unable to validate game version,&quot; then once that got fixed it was stuck at connecting. Even after trying to port foward to all the of the ports above.
ok so i've done everything . i can login and then i find my server . it gets to the connect screen and just hangs
The Repack link does not work.<br><br>Try this: http://www.d3scene.com/forum/wow-private-servers/36364-ac-web-ultimate-repack-9-0-a.html
when i try to run ad it pops up for half a sec and says &quot;cannot find data/common.mpq-s&quot; does anyone know how to fix this?
Hey man ummmm how do i make it so i can be like a GM and spawn things and change class configurations and such???
help! when i started &quot;logonserver&quot; after a few seconds it closed:<br>http://img6.imageshack.us/i/wowprivateserver.png/<br><br><br>
it also says for me failure to validate game version. i have wotlk 3.3.5 version 12340 and i still cant get in. any ideas?
go here:<br>C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack\Ascent\ascent-logonserver.conf<br><br>the edit the following <br><br> MaxBuild = &quot;99999&quot;&gt;<br><br>Note: the above contains an extra 9.<br><br>(The 4.0.3 build of cataclysm is 13329 or higher. i ran into same issue, so just make that change. im still having trouble after i got [ast that road block)
I did that and a lot of other numbers aswell but it still comes up.... Any ideas for fix?
My world.exe keeps crashing, any help?
Does this method work for all versions? My client is at 3.0.1 and if I can, I'd like to update higher. Maybe 3.5 ?

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