Step 3: Logon Configuration

Picture of Logon Configuration
Right, now comes the funny part. Open the "ascent-logonserver.conf" with Notepad. There should be some text like that:

<LogonDatabase Hostname = ""
Username = "root"
Password = "ascent"
Name = "logon"
Port = "3306"
Type = "1">

If everything looks like this, you can close the file, if not, change it to this (exactly this).
Where exactly is ascent-logonserver.conf located because i cannot find it for the life of me.
EDIT: sorry i hav a newer version of AC, so ascent is renamed something else. Anyways i fixed it. :) thanks for the guide
and i don't seem to have an ascent folder either.
 Isn't the same as localhost?  I don't think it's necessary to change localhost to
szlatyka (author)  fearless13335 years ago
yes, it's the same thing, but the IP number works better (for some people, localhost don't work)
 oh ok
julienlego6 years ago
dude I cant open the notepad. When it opens, it says cannot connect to server. maybe it's because I have a later version of .NET Framework or something?