Picture of How to make a WoW private server on a Mac!
Today I will be showing you how to make a WoW private server on a mac! I am the guy F1racer3028 from youtube.com/f1racer3028 Also today we will be using MacPack to install this.





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Step 1: Download MacPack

Download MacPack from here. After you download it open it and run the installer.

Step 2: Get MAMP Running.

Picture of Get MAMP Running.
Now lets get MAMP running. Open up MAMP from your applications folder. Hopefully both lights will be green. If they are not please open MAMP PRO. It is right next to MAMP. Always open MAMP Pro if the lights do not go on. You can hide those if you want. Here are correct settings for MAMP and MAMP Pro in the pics below.

Step 3: Open Navicat Lite

Picture of Open Navicat Lite
Ok now since MAMP is running open up navicat lite in your applications folder. Click new connection. and enter what i enter in the pictures.

Step 4: Test the connection.

Picture of Test the connection.
Hit test connection. Look at pics...

Step 5: Connect to the database.

Picture of Connect to the database.
Look at pics again.

Step 6: Start Server

Picture of Start Server
Now open up the folders specified below in the pic.

Step 7: Server Starting

Picture of Server Starting
Read the pics once again.

Step 8: Make someone a GM

Picture of Make someone a GM
Pics once again.

Step 9: Make TBC

Picture of Make TBC
Pic lol...

Step 10: Set Realmlist and GO!

Yay! Were done!

realmlist below

set realmlist

Also to get it public click here and find the video on the channel.

Step 11: Set realmlist and go!

Picture of Set realmlist and go!
Pics and realmlist is

set realmlist

ALSO i do not make these public i dont know how but this other guy on youtube does. Links here.
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YummerH1 month ago

You can for example play on a WoW 4.3.4 Cataclysm server like:


That is instant 85 and offers great PvP & PvE

smelly2093 years ago
I see this and i'm all w00t! then i download macpack and i need snow lepard... and now im like aww o_o
kingace19984 years ago
aroulston4 years ago
I just winged it, and googled all the downloads I needed as I went along.
dodge64 years ago
You have to download the applications from the internet.
MAMP, MAMP Pro, and Navicat
sidebrok4 years ago
i cant find anny of the applications! any idea why?
liamparkes14 years ago
When I open it in Terminal it says:

Last login: Mon Sep 13 18:52:48 on ttys000
/Users/l--------/Downloads/opt/mangos/bin/mangos-realmd ; exit;
rawrmonster:~ ---------$ /Users/--------/Downloads/opt/mangos/bin/mangos-realmd ; exit;
dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/mangos/lib/libZThread.0.dylib
Referenced from: /Users/l-------/Downloads/opt/mangos/bin/mangos-realmd
Reason: image not found
Trace/BPT trap

[Process completed]
nintendog784 years ago
google mangos download then download it. make the missing databases then run the sql file by right clicking it and execute. it will be named the same as the database
nintendog784 years ago
Only 3. Fix?
konkan25 years ago
same here i have only 3 instead of the six:( please help
konkan25 years ago
you can download the opt folder at http://www.mmowned.com/forums/world-of-warcraft/emulator-servers/guides-tutorials/65041-mangos-mac-old-guide-but-should-still-work.html just scroll down then you see the link MEGAUPLOAD... :)
konkan25 years ago
you can download the opt folder at http://www.mmowned.com/forums/world-of-warcraft/emulator-servers/guides-tutorials/65041-mangos-mac-old-guide-but-should-still-work.html just scroll down then you will find the link to megaupload.
aberfitchy5 years ago
second pic says: this is where the data ____ is. it is where you can add custom gear, items and people, manage accounts and more stuff like that. he just wants you to double-click the mangos
Go www.google.com and type Download libmysqlclient_r.15.dylibthat than u can find it the second one is the right one :D
colorme25 years ago
I can't even find the application in my applications.... Anyone have an idea why?
Metroid105 years ago
i know everyone has already said this but I CANT FIND THE opt FOLDER!!!
Metroid105 years ago
when i test the conntection, it says:

Connection Failed
Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (61)

What should i do?
Before i entered the Port as 8889 it was 3306. does that change anything?
digger5146 years ago
i cant make the second pic bigger because i need to have a pro account but i dont ahve one
 you dont need a pro account you can make it bigger if you have a free account
Nastan5 years ago
I have made a working Mac Private server instructable at www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-World-of-Warcraft-Private-Server-on-/
relbel1115 years ago
 Same, Terminal will be like "Command Not Found" But I dont have Mango's, I use Navicat with MacPack, HamachiX and ArceMux
boaskater5 years ago
 i only have three instead of the six
boaskater5 years ago
 where do you find the opt file with mangos-world in it
boaskater5 years ago
 i have everything right except i can't find the opt folder
bob1a2x5 years ago
There should be a file on the desktop called libmysqlclient_r.15.dylibthat is included with macpack. Open and install it.
konaru5 years ago
I get the exact problem as everyone else! I can't seem to fix it :( If ANYONE and i mean ANYONE!!! could help me with this that would be awesome!
press control and scroll wheel on mouse to zoom> (mac users)
Firedanger5 years ago
Yeah, same as these guys are saying. Step 5 happens without a hitch, but there is no opt folder or mangos folder anywhere on my hard drive.
In the bin folder under rcemu I have arcemu-crashreport arcemu-logon server and arcemu world I am really confuzes what have I done worng
smallmammal6 years ago
I found that if I went into the MySQL pane of MAMP and uncheck "Allow local access only" then it fixed the problem. :)
Why can't I find Mamp in the applications folder? I can only see arcemu in machintosh hd. Help plz
Im having the same issue as everyone else here. Does anyone know what is going on?
osborne25107 years ago
I hit Test Connection and It can't connect to, I've done everything right
i had that problem to but it turned out i forgot to change the port from 3339 to 8889 it worked after that.
aragork6 years ago
okay I found some things here
Download MacPack at Cnet ...
then for this step you will need Maps youll find them at :

good luck

(I'm not sure of this but you certainly will need this ... :P)
I cannot seem to find anything that is required in this step, i have done everything else up to this step without any problems ... any help?
liplol6 years ago
The username and password is "root" connection name: mangos host name/ip address: localhost port: 8889 For those of you who cant see it.
Alfonta6 years ago
Uhhh, the macpack download doesnt work, help.
Alfonta6 years ago
Is it possible to revert to retail after this?
Salmon996 years ago
OMG! Does ANYONE know how or where to install ArcEmu??? You need it right? Also, I can't find my Stuffit Sea thingymajiger... where do I get that? PLEASE respond
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